Question: I saw an ad online for a product called Lift SP Youth Serum. It’s supposed to erase lines and wrinkles on your face and make you look years younger right after you apply it. Can you please let me know if you think the product really works?

Answer:The anti-wrinkle treatment Lift SP Youth Serum claims to be a deep-penetrating treatment that will leave your skin soft and wrinkle free in “just a few seconds.” Outlandish claims that the products effects rival those of Botox and Restylane are presented without any substantiated proof in terms of quantifiable wrinkle reduction.

The product seems to be distributed by only one website and there is no information provided about the credentials of the developer of the product or the process by which the formula was devised. Lift SP Youth Serum is an illusive product in that it is difficult to find any concrete information about what it does and how it does it.

The lack of solid information about how the product was developed or the source of the ingredients, plus the cost may make some users downright uncomfortable.

If you do shop for an anti-wrinkle product in a health store, pharmacy or on the Internet, you’ll often find hundreds of different brands containing a confusing array of ingredients. You may be tempted to experiment with different products until you find one that works. But this approach may be expensive.

More importantly, not all products contain the quality and quantity of necessary ingredients to positively promote long-term improvements on the appearance of wrinkles and an overall healthy complexion. That’s why you’ll need to do a little bit of research to find the best, most potent brand for your needs.

Lee Mann, our respected health and beauty expert, did a fantastic review on wrinkle creams and their actual effectiveness in a recent feature, the results are quite surprising.