Makeup Tip: How to Have Attractive Lips

Christina Dodd 

Attractive Lips

The shape of the lips can be defined with the use of a lip liner. Then, the lips will become soft and sensuous, thus the younger look. Here is the list of the very useful “Makeup Tip: How to Have Attractive Lips” for the most excellent lips care:

Makeup Tip: How to Have Attractive Lips

  • Lip color will last long when a thin layer of foundation and a little dusting of powder are applied on the lips. More so, for dark lips, this procedure helps lipstick to not change its hue.
  • To naturally define the lips’ shape, the color of the lip liner must resemble the lipstick shade.
  • For the lips to look thicker, outlining should just be outside of the lip’s natural line. Meanwhile, for a thinner look, the outline must be placed just inside the lips’ natural line.
  • With the defined shape, the lips can already be filled with lipstick utilizing a lip brush, with strokes that will perfectly blend the color with the outline till the latter is inconspicuous.
  • Amongst the frost, matte, glossy, or creamy lipsticks, the one that is the most suitable and does not make the lips appear dry and chipped must be chosen.
  • A tinted gloss that is sheer can be attained by sucking on a preferred shade of the Popsicle.
  • The application of two coatings of lipstick can ensure longer durability. Right after the initial coat, the lips should be pressed on a tissue. Then, the second coat is applied.
  • Outlined lips avoid bleeding of the lip color.
  • Lipstick can be topped with lip-gloss. For a nude appearance, lipstick can be used alone.
  • Since gloss makes lips look fuller, those whose lips are thicker must avoid applying it.

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