Question: I have recently gotten on a health kick and am interested is purchasing only organic or natural based products. My friend, who is also into this health craze, uses a product called Natralox. I was wondering if you can tell me if this product is as effective as products containing chemicals and non-organic products.


Answer: Natralox is a product manufactured by Skin Elements USA and claims to be the premier, natural anti-aging product. Although this product markets itself as a natural choice for skin care, there is no official website dedicated to supporting their claims and providing important information for consumers.

Although there is no official website, there are several product reviews that give some insight into the product. According to most reviewers, the product does contain natural ingredients, mostly naturally occurring fruit and plant acids. These are generally considered mild and good for getting rid of dead skin cells. Other ingredients include oils found in avocados and soybeans.

Although it is hard to recommend a product with so little information provided by the manufacturer, the ingredient list shows that, at the very least, the product would be helpful in moisturizing the skin.

If you do shop for an anti-wrinkle product in a health store, pharmacy or on the Internet, you’ll often find hundreds of different brands containing a confusing array of ingredients. You may be tempted to experiment with different products until you find one that works. But this approach may be expensive. More importantly, not all products contain the quality and quantity of necessary ingredients to positively promote long-term improvements on the appearance of wrinkles and an overall healthy complexion. That’s why you’ll need to do a little bit of research to find the best, most potent brand for your needs.

Lee Mann, our respected health and beauty expert, did a fantastic review on wrinkle creams and their actual effectiveness in a recent feature, the results are quite surprising.