Why Should You Buy Natural Acai?

Natural Acai – At a Glance:

Due to the current popularity of the acai berry, many companies that produce health products have added products that contain acai to their line.

Natural Acai is not one of the better brands, since the manufacturer, Cheshunt Overseas, expects people to buy the product even though little information is provided about it.The Natural Acai website looks very similar to many other acai product websites, with berry colored graphics, photographs of famous people and a sense of urgency that you should hurry and place your order before no more is left. The shady marketing ploy ruins their reputation and makes the customer feel unsure about the product.

The Natural Acai website does not have a section for FAQ’s. Just one, short customer testimonial appears in which the customer states that 27 pounds vanished with the use of Natural Acai; however, it does not mention how long it took to shed the weight.

The one positive aspect of the Natural Acai website is that it offers some information regarding the benefits of the acai berry, with brief articles and media quotes hailing the powerful properties of the berry and praising ‘superfoods’, of which the acai berry is considered to be one, for preventing some cancers.

Natural Acai – Facts

Natural Acai

Regrettably, no details have been provided with regard to the ingredients in Natural Acai. Because many people suffer from food allergies, this omission is irresponsible, and it is highly unlikely that anyone would even think about purchasing a product that discloses so little information.

Obviously Natural Acai must contain acai berry, but just how much is a mystery, so it is impossible to draw any conclusions about the general potency of the product. We do know that the capsules are of vegetable origin, so it could be used by vegetarians, and the company claims that 100% organic ingredients are used. Since some of the stated benefits of the product include a boost in energy and system detoxification, most likely caffeine is one of the ingredients, possibly from green tea extract; fiber, such as psyllium husk, is probably also included to assist with regular elimination.

They do not provide the dosage directions for Natural Acai, or how long it will take before the consumer sees the desired results.

Natural Acai – Positive Features

  • Acai Berry is considered a cancer fighter.
  • Energy may be increased, the system detoxified by this product, and it may aid in losing weight.
  • The website for Natural Acai discusses the positives of acai berry and other superfoods.
  • The Complete Weight Loss online club is complimentary when ordering the free trial.

Natural Acai – Negative Features

  • The website does not contain the product’s ingredients.
  • They do not provide a money back guarantee and all sales are final.
  • There is only a single testimonial available.
  • It does not contain a frequently asked question section.
  • Customers who register for the free trial offer are immediately enrolled into their auto shipping program.
  • They do not mention clinical trials.
  • The free trial is limited to a 10 day amount.

Natural Acai – Conclusion

Probably any other acai berry product on the market would be recommended over Natural Acai. Since so little information is provided, there is no way anyone could make an informed decision as to whether to purchase it or not. Also, the $89.95 price tag for a 30 day supply makes this one of the most costly brands available.