All-Natural Breast Enhancement with Clevastin

A woman’s breast size and fullness can be affected by hormonal imbalances. Medical science has shown that there are certain herbs that can enhance the fullness and size of a woman’s breast and even improve their symmetry. One product that uses all-natural ingredients and herbs to help improve the look of your breasts is Clevastin.

Who Makes Clevastin?

Natural Breast Enhancement with Clevastin

Clevastin is a product of Meadow Creek Laboratories, which is a company that only makes all-natural health and cosmetic products and has a very good track record of creating highly effective, quality and popular products.

What are the Ingredients Found In Clevastin?

  • Dong Quai – This is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to treat symptoms of menopause like menstrual cramps and hot flashes. It also is known to help enlarge the breasts. Dong Quai is actually a compound consisting of Ferulic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12. It also has therapeutic properties for the treatment of irregular menses, PMS, anemia and other menstrual problems.
  • Damiana – An herb used as an aphrodisiac by certain cultures for many centuries. It also reinvigorates the body as well as rectifies hormone imbalances. It can also enhance a woman’s breast development.
  • Saw Palmetto – An herb that has properties beneficial for enhancing a man’s sexual organ and increasing the breast size of women. Physicians who follow a Naturopathic philosophy prescribe this herb for women who want to see an improvement in the size of their breasts.
  • Wild Yam – This root has been used for several centuries for breast development. It also has properties that help balance the hormones.
  • L-Tyrosine – An amino acid that helps stimulate the production of new and healthy breast tissue.
  • Black Cohosh – An herb popular for its hormone stabilizing attributes.

Clevastin is found to produce a puberty-like reaction in women. One reaction seen is the growth of a woman’s breast once again (which is seen first during puberty). The herbs in this product are rich in estrogen that helps increase a woman’s delicate breast tissue.


The addition of highly effective and all-natural ingredients does make Clevastin a truly exceptional product that can deliver the effects it was meant to produce. It definitely helps women attain the breast size and fullness they long and desire for. The all-natural and herbal ingredients will optimize the results and the best results will be fully seen when the product is regularly used for at least six months. The user should note that the use of this product should be accompanied by a healthy balanced diet and can be supplemented with 1 gram of vitamin C and evening primrose oil. Clevastin gives you firmer and fuller breasts without the need for surgery.