Olives May Act as a Shield against Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is the second deadliest cancer in the United States, and it is steadily growing. Scientists are constantly finding more new mutations and new types of colorectal cancer, but fortunately, they have also been discovering new ways to fight and prevent the cancer. There have been a few breakthroughs in the past coupe of years, but we are still far from a cure for colon cancer. The best cure right now is prevention.

One of these new discoveries has to do with olives, and how they can shield against colon cancer. Scientists from the University of Granada and the University of Barcelona have been testing the properties of olive skin, and they have found a unique triterpenoid compound, also known as maslinic acid, in olive skin pomace that can reduce cancer cell growth and bring about apoptotic death for colon cancer cells.

If you are at risk of colon cancer and you hate the taste of olives, you may want to start acquiring a taste for them, because scientists are saying this kind of treatment may be a good and cheap alternative! Don’t think that you can eat something ele and get the same benefits either; this triterpenoid compound can be found in many other natural plants, but as researchers have discovered, no other plant shows such a high amount as they found in the olive skin. It would really be worth it to start eating olives, especially if you are at a higher risk of getting colon cancer. It isn’t too hard to acquire a taste for a food that you are not fond of; all you have to do is start eating it, and after a week or so, you will become more accustomed to the taste you once detested, and after a few weeks you will be craving it!

Scientists are doing more studies on these types of natural chemo preventative plants and what they can do for the treatment and prevention of colon cancer. They are hopeful about what more they will find, due to the helpful information they have already discovered. These studies could potentially change the way we treat colon cancer in the future. Right now it is recommended that you eat foods that naturally have maslinic acid in them, and since olives are the best source of the colon cancer fighting compound, they are the best choice. Further studies will need to be done to see whether or not other types of cancer treatments can be taken from the triterpenoids found in the olive skin.

If colon cancer runs in your family, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent it from happening to you. Get regular colonoscopies, eat lots of olives, and you should also be including lots of natural fiber, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. There are a lot of natural preventative methods for this type of cancer, and they are all easy to incorporate into your daily diet.