Osteoarthritis Cause and Remedies

In the United States alone, it is reported that there are over 24 million people diagnosed with osteoarthritis every year. This affliction strikes females more than males and about three quarters of osteoarthritis sufferers in the US are women.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis Cause and Remedies

Even with advancements in medical science, osteoarthritis is not yet clearly understood. Doctors who have carefully studied this condition see that it is more than a “wear and tear” problem. In truth, the “wear and tear” theory should only affect one particular joint; however, in osteoarthritis ALL JOINTS all at once are affected all over the body.

We can see that an osteoarthritis sufferer may not only feel joint pain in the knee but also in her hand as well. Some doctors observe that their patients do not suffer from osteoarthritis on only one side of their body (if the “wear and tear” cause is to be followed) but also affects the whole body all at once. Osteoarthritis seems to be a condition that affects all the cartilage in the body altogether.

Another theory as to the cause of osteoarthritis is that the cartilage gets weak due to aging. Young people are able to rebuild their cartilage when it is worn down. This rebuilding is an ongoing process and even eventually breaks down as people age. When this process becomes unbalanced this is where joint impairment and pain start to appear.

Remedies for Osteoarthritis

  • Traditional Remedies – By traditional remedies we are talking about the intake of mainstream medications. These include over-the-counter and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. The main problem with this kind of remedy is the negative side effects it has on a person’s body especially on his digestive system. These traditional remedies can also cause liver problems.
  • Heat Treatments – Heat therapies can be a very effective way in getting pain relief from osteoarthritis. Many sufferers have discovered that sauna and whirlpool therapies and even heating pads can relieve or lessen the pain. Paraffin wax therapies for the feet and hands are also good alternative treatments for this condition.
  • Healthy Diet – A good diet is a good way of battling osteoarthritis pain. Consuming the right foods and supplements are good ways to reduce your weight which can help a lot in relieving pressure on your joints.
  • Exercise – Light exercises and activities such as swimming can minimize osteoarthritis pain. Physiotherapy is also a good way to lessen the pain as well as exercising with lumbar support devices and knee braces. These kinds of exercises and activities will most likely be in your doctor’s prescription for your osteoarthritis.

It is best that you resort to natural healing methods than reach out for pain killing medications when you start feeling osteoarthritis pain to avoid the negative side effects of the medications.