Why Should You Buy Oxyflush?

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Oxyflush – At a Glance:

Lately there appears to be increasing interest in utilizing oxygen for cleansing and detoxifying, as indicated by the quantity of oxygen-therapy items available.

Oxyflush is among these products, while it is a bit baffling as to precisely who manufactures it. The ideal location to find details on Oxyflush is at Oxygen America’s site, a major marketer of oxygen treatment items. But, the content page is terribly lengthy and redundant, while the underlying principle of Oxyflush is uncomplicated.

As with products like it, Oxyflush infuses additional oxygen into the body, letting it recuperate on its own, detoxifying, facilitating beneficial bacteria to flourish, and stool-softening for ease of elimination. Or, as the site asserts, Oxyflush ‘gets it all out!’ Elsewhere on the site there is info on the advantages of oxygen for detoxification since it doesn’t use chemicals or lead to electrolyte loss.

As aforementioned, it isn’t plain who the makers of Oxyflush are, while some websites call it ‘Mr. Oxygen’s Oxyflush after Ed McCabe, a writer and expert on oxygen treatment. It is difficult to determine if Ed McCabe is behind the product but he clearly recommends it.

Oxyflush – Facts


Oxyflush performs with magnesium to transport and convey oxygen to cells and the bowels. Citric acid is one of the ingredients and it is a catalyst Magnesium. Including this acid in the pill avoids the necessity of drinking lemon juice or vinegar along with the product, like with Homozon. Ingredient amounts and product label are not given.

The directions for taking Oxyflush are also unclear. A claim is made that the instructed dosage of Oxyflush is 3 pills daily, meaning a single jar is a month’s supply, while a different site asserts that the dosage recommendation is 1 pill per 25lbs of weight (i.e. an individual who is 150 pounds would need to take 6 capsules).

Oxyflush – Positive Features

  • Lots of detail is provided on the Oxygen America site pertaining to the advantages of oxygen treatment.
  • Customer testimonials are provided on the Oxygen America website.
  • People of any age may take Oxyflush.
  • Oxygen is a gentler cleansing option than other methods.
  • Ed McCAbe otherwise known as ‘Mr. Oxygen’, endorses this product.
  • Independent retailers sell this product.
  • The user is not required to take an extra catalyst.
  • Independent reviewers have given Oxyflush good reviews.

Oxyflush – Negative Features

  • The details about Oxyflush are baffling and overly technical.
  • Oxyflush does not have its own website.
  • The dosage direction are confusing.
  • They do not divulge the ingredient amounts.
Oxyflush – Conclusion

Hypothetically, utilizing oxygen as a natural and mild system cleanser appears to be a valid concept. Since it is comparatively inexpensive at $22.99 – $27.99, according to where it’s purchased, this product is apt for those interested in trying something different. Doubtless its popularity would grow were there more detail provided online for prospective buyers to investigate.

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