ProbioSlim Review – What are the Side Effects of ProbioSlim?

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What is ProbioSlim?

ProbioSlim is a weight loss supplement made from a group of bacteria collectively referred to as probiotics. These bacteria are known to live inside the intestines and help break down food into particles that can be assimilated by the body. Recent research suggests that probiotics can be helpful in aiding the body lose weight.

A number of weight loss manufacturers have joined the race for the best probiotics based supplements but for this article, we are going to focus on ProbioSlim and find out if you can really depend on it.

Manufacturer Information


The ProbioSlim website looks quite impressive. It was certainly designed by a professional. On the website we can read that the the supplement was formulated by a research team which wanted to come up with something innovative. Surprisingly we did not come across the name of the team members, not even one. So far as we are concerned, it is an elusive research team.

In fact we did not find any useful information about the manufacturer itself. No physical address was provided. On the contact page we were able to find a few phone numbers that would link customers to the support service but that is about it. It is clear we are dealing with a suspicious company that prefers to distance itself from its own customers, just in case.

Probioslim Active Ingredients

ProbioSlim is one of the few weight loss supplements out there that has bacteria as its active ingredient. Aside that, it also has other ingredients that are expected to support the work of the bacteria in the hope to facilitate the loss of fat. Let’s look at each.


This represents the different bacteria involved in the breakdown of fiber in the colon. We know that there are certain fibers rich in nutrients found in the intestines that are difficult to break down using enzymes found in the human body. Probiotic bacteria take care of that and this facilitates digestion. Recent research suggests that by increase the amount of probiotic in the body, one should be able to lose weight much easier.

Probiotic bacteria depend on fiber for their development. The manufacturer of ProbioSlim has figured out it would be a smart idea to includes those fibers in the supplement. Those fibers are referred to as prebiotics and they are made of papaya, kiwi and fig.

Green Tea

This is a popular ingredient found in many other weight loss supplement. It is known to boost metabolism and protect the body from free radicals.

How does it work?

So far, there is no real scientific explanation about how probiotics really work to help people lose weight. All we know is that the presence of bacteria in the colon can help improve digestion. Research is ongoing. One thing for sure is that the green tea inside the formula does increase metabolism and helps in the fat burning process.

Benefits of ProbioSlim

  • it improves metabolism
  • made with bacteria that are beneficial to the body
  • breaks down fibers that otherwise would be really difficult to assimilate

Drawbacks of ProbioSlim

  • A bottle of ProbioSlim is quite expensive
  • there is no conclusive evidence it really works
  • it contains some amount of caffeine which is not safe for sensitive people

Suggested Usage

The manufacturer recommends to take one pill in the morning during breakfast and another one in the evening during dinner.

Is ProbioSlim worth trying?

ProbioSlim proposes to offer you bacteria that are in reality already in your colon anyway. Increasing their number by swallowing the capsule is not such a bad idea but the reality is, it is not that necessary. In fact by eating more vegetables rich in fibers, you should be able to naturally increase the number of probiotic bacteria in your intestine. You don’t have to pay an additional $69.99 for that.


ProbioSlim contains some amount of caffeine which can cause side effects to sensitive people. You should be careful when using this product or you may end up suffering from insomnia, anxiety, headaches and palpitations.

Customer Feedback

We did bump into a few positive testimonials on the product’s official website but that aside, customer feedback about ProbioSlim on neutral websites are quite difficult to be found. This might have to do with the fact that the product is relatively new. At the time or writing it was not even a year old.


ProbioSlim is certainly an overly priced product, you can check out what other expert saying while reviewing probioslim. There are not many people out there willing to pay $69.99 for bacteria they probably already have in their intestines, especially considering the fact that there is no conclusive evidence it really works. You rather look for something else.

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