Prosta-Rye Review: Are There Any Side Effects?

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Christina Dodd 

Prostate issues naturally come as men age. Time has seen men become more open about their prostate problems and with that the number of prostate supplement on market has multiplied immensely. Pros-Rye is one of such supplements. Prosta-Rye is a prostate support supplement that not only treats prostate problems but also acts on over-acting bladders. It is marketed as the best natural and herbal alternative to medicine that is often not effective or has side effects. Before you opt for extreme measures like surgery, try Prosta-Rye.

Prosta-Rye retails on its official website at the price of $19.95 per bottle. It is also available on all the other popular online stores.

Manufacturer Information and its Claims about Prosta-Rye


Prosta-Rye is a product of Wellspring Pharmaceutical Corporation which is a company that was founded by Dr.Robert A. Vukowich in 1999. Dr. Robert’s aim was to provide high quality health products to his customers. There is an official Prosta-Rye website with all the important information that a customer might need to know about the supplement.

The biggest claim made by Prosta-Rye is that it is an alpha blocker that prevents the inflammatory process of the prostate from taking place. It also helps with bladder problems that are linked to prostate disorders.

How Does Prosta-Rye Work?

Once the inflammatory process of the prostate is inhibited, it is easier to maintain a healthy and normal prostate. A normal prostate guarantees normal urine flow without hindrances and a decrease in overactive bladder. This is however not the only promise that Prosta-Rye makes, it also increases male sexual drive and desire in addition to supporting prostate health. This it does through the ingredient Maca. It is said that prostate issues are not the only thing that come as men grow older but that the sexual drive and performance also diminishes.

Prosta-Rye Active Ingredients

The key ingredients of Prosta-Rye include;
Rye Pollen Extract

  • This contains nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids that are good for the overall health and function of the prostate. It also has anti-inflammatory properties making it a relief for enlarged prostate.
  • Research shows that rye pollen extract relaxes the muscles of the bladder around the urethra therby relieving symptoms of painful urination, dribbling and other symptoms of enlarged prostate.


  • This has been in use since the historical times. It arouses sexual desire, boosts stamina and even aids against erectile dysfunction.

Others; Gelatin, Rice flour, Magnesium Stearate

Prosta-Rye Advantages

  • It contains unique ingredients that cannot be found in other prostate supplements.
  • It boosts sexual drive and performance.
  • It helps with erectile dysfunction.
  • It supports prostate health.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties thereby supporting normal size of the prostate gland.
  • It ensures healthy reproductive and urinary systems.
  • It is very affordable in comparison to other prostate supplements.

Prosta-Rye Drawbacks

  • Its list of ingredients is lesser than most the other prostate supplements which often have ten or more components.
  • The pollen in the formula may stimulate allergic reactions.

Customer Feedback

There are both positive and negative testimonials available online from customers, but on the overall most of them express great satisfaction.

Dosage Instructions

This dietary supplement should only be taken once a day as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Prosta-Rye Precautions

  • This product contains pollen extracts that may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.
  • It is not recommended for people with hay fever.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not overdose unless advised to do so by a doctor.

Side Effects of Prosta-Rye

Prosta-Rye is a natural and safe supplement that has zero side effects except for those with pollen sensitivity who may suffer from allergic reactions. No other reactions have been reported.

Does It Interact With Other Medication?

As it has not yet been approved by the FDA, Prosta-Rye may not be safe to combine with other medications. It is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice and consent if you suffer from serious health condition or are currently taking other drugs prior to administration of Prosta-Rye.

Final Verdict

As men grow older, it is inevitable for them to suffer prostate problems; It symptoms are even more frustrating and involve countless trips to the bathroom, slow but painful urination, the stop and start when you try to relive yourself and dribbling or weak flow. If these symptoms are ignored, it often extends to the bedroom where sexual performance is hindered, sex drive lagged and sexual pleasure weaker than ever before. There is only one answer to these issues and it is Prosta-Rye. It is a very safe and effective not to mention affordable way to stop your prostate issues in it tracts and guarantee a healthy sex life and reproductive system. When all the other saw Palmetto containing supplements have proved non-effective for you, do not stress; try out Prosta- Rye and discover why its users are as loyal as they are.

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