Question: I realize that wrinkles and lines are a natural part of aging, but mine seem to be worse than other women my age. I admit this is likely due to the fact that I had smoked for a number of years, but I would really like to prevent them from getting any worse and ideally get rid of the ones I already have! I’ve heard of a substance called GABA and was wondering if this ingredient is in RemovaLine, a product I saw advertised on the internet. Do you think this would be a solution to my problem?


Answer: There is really no miracle cream when it comes to treating wrinkles, although many creams may claim to come very close! RemovaLine is a cream that does admit it is not a ‘miracle’ but does state that it has the ability to instantly erase facial lines around the eyes and mouth.

There is not too much known regarding the ingredients in RemovaLine, although it likely does contain the naturally produced GABA, a substance that has had promising results in clinical trials. Most wrinkle creams also contain a number of moisturizers, anti-oxidants and gentle acids (such as Alpha Hydroxy) to improve the skin’s surface.

A popular alternative these days is the use of Botox, an injected substance that ‘freezes’ the skin and removing lines, but can also result in a stiff ‘paralyzed’ look. Not as extreme as plastic surgery, another alternative to consider would be having the skin injected with a filler that essentially plumps the skin up eradicating fine lines. Apart from plastic surgery these treatments are somewhat temporary and expensive.

When looking for a good skin cream it should be noted that most skin damage cannot be reversed. However, it is usually not too late to begin taking better care of the skin which includes staying out of the sun, not smoking, following a healthy diet and keeping the skin well moisturized.

Lee Mann, our respected health and beauty expert, did a fantastic review on wrinkle creams and their actual effectiveness in a recent feature, the results are quite surprising.