Rid Yourself of That Itchy Scalp

There are many reasons for an Itchy Scalp. People with dry and oily scalps suffer as well. It is very irritating and can be very embarrassing to feel like you have to scratch your head. If you have dry skin, you are constantly worrying about flakes on your clothing. You may be perceived as having head lice or that you are not clean. Although this is not the case, it is hard not to be self-conscious of it when you are around others and feel the urge to scratch your head. You want to Cure That Itchy Scalp and not to be embarrassed any more.

Problem: Dry Scalp

Rid Yourself of That Itchy ScalpIf you are prone to having dry skin, you probably have a dry scalp. Your body does not produce enough oil. We use lotions on our skin to provide hydration, and there are shampoos that do the same thing for your scalp. Emu oil is very effective for the dry, Itchy Scalp. Conditioners are also very beneficial to the treatment of dry scalp. However, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards to remove excess conditioner.

Problem: Oily Scalp

One would think that if you had oily skin that you would not have an Itchy Scalp. However, there are oils from your scalp called sebum that over produce and then it builds up much faster which dirt and skin cells that are dead are attached to. They become hard and itch. To remove the oil from your scalp is to shampoo frequently. Another alternative is to use a dry powder shampoo between washing. Try to stay away from heavy conditioners. Conditioners coat your hair follicles that can also coat your scalp. You can use a light conditioner and rinse your hair completely until you see no residue remaining in your hair.

Problem: Fungus

Sometimes an Itchy Scalp can be more than dry or oily skin. If your dandruff or flakes are not the typical white and appear more yellow, you may have a fungus. Your scalp may even become red and irritated. This type of itching and flaking needs to be treated through your doctor or find a treatment over the counter.

Problem: Anxiety and Stress

Stress is blamed for many different irregularities in your system. An itching scalp is one symptom from anxiety and stress. Fluctuation of hormones can cause a dry scalp. Try to get your stress under control with relaxation exercises. The best way To Cure That Itchy Scalp is by using a shampoo that hydrates your hair and scalp.

It is very embarrassing scratching an Itchy Scalp when you are out in the public. There are many ways to Cure That Itchy Scalp. By determining the problem whether it be dry or oily scalp or a more serious problem with fungus or stress, you can begin treating your skin to relieve your Itchy Scalp. You can also ask your pharmacist for an over-the-counter treatment.