Steps Involved in Applying Cat Eye Makeup

Christina Dodd 

If you want to have the look similar to that of Angelina Jolie, who is quite famous for the cat eye makeup , then you simply have to buy some economical cosmetics from your nearest superstore. The trend of cat eye makeup was around for many years and Jolie is not the only person who adopted this look. This trend was set up by Cleopatra, who was the first recognized women who got fame due to the introduction of this unique style.

Steps Involved in Applying Cat Eye Makeup

Here, you are provided with a few secrets that will help you in applying eye liner and mascara to get the cat eye makeup appearance:

  • When you are to apply cat eye makeup, you have to make significant selections. Firstly, you must decide that whether you want to use a pencil or a liquid eye liner for getting a cat eyed look. If you don’t know how to apply the liner properly, then you should start with a pencil liner. Still, using a liquid liner would be suggested as it will give a bolder look. It would be good to try using both in order to know which one looks good. These days, liquid pen liners are also available for people who are new to using liners. They offer ease in applying along with maintaining a bold look. If you are using a pen liner, then you must make sure that you have bought one having a small tip. Pen liner with a small tip can be easily handled by newbie. Use of black liner will be more appropriate.
  • You must highlight your eyelids before applying the liner. Usually, people prefer using light colored eye shades for the cat eye makeup. Therefore, you must apply a moderate shade of the eye shadow and you must spread it evenly over the eyelids before going for the liner. Using a glittery eye shadow will help you to attain the bold and sexy look that you want for yourself.
  • Once you are done with applying the liner, you must stand in front of a mirror. You will get an enhanced image if the mirror that you are standing in front of is a magnified one. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to see what exactly you are doing when you will be applying the eyeliner.
  • When we talk about the internal eye corner, the liner must touch the line of the eye lash and must be stretched to the external corner of the eye. The line drawn must be close to the line of the eyelash. Beginners must start with a slim line. If you are not satisfied with a thin line then you can make it thick accordingly.
  • When you reach to the ending of the eyelash, you can rotate the line to an upward direction. You can set the length of this line according to your choice. If you think that you have exaggerated, then you can always remove the unnecessary tip of the line with a makeup remover.
  • One you have applied the liner successfully, you are required to deal with your eyelashes. In order to get the most impressive appearance, using fake lashes can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you don’t like to put on fake lashes, then you can get the same look with your own eyelashes too. For this purpose, the use of a lash curler can work for you. The eyelash curler must be used with care. Place it on your eyelash and hold it for about 10 seconds. After this, put on black colored mascara to the eyelashes without wasting a single minute. Let it dry for a while. Later, apply the mascara again to get a good finish.

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