Stone Age Diet – The New Approach For Weight Watchers

Nutritionists from time immemorial have been trying to come up with a nutritional plan that will help burn your fatty tissues without causing problems to your general health.

The latest attempt is the Stone Age diet, a simulation of the food that our ancestors took. That was long ago, before man came up with the destructive habit of making packaged food, before man knew how to farm crops, or rear animals.

Constituents Of The Stone Age Diet

Stone Age Diet

The proponents of the Stone Age diet advocate that you must strictly adhere to the specifications given, if you want to achieve results. Some of the foods for you to include in your daily menu include: fish, grass fed pasture raised animals’ meats, eggs, green leafy vegetables, fruits, roots and nuts. It has low carbohydrate rates as compared to other meal plans. Proteins take the lion’s share in this diet. Fermented foods and drinks are also included, since the starch in them has been reduced and they also enable gut friendly bacteria to thrive. Other allowed drinks are herbal teas, water and tea and coffee only if their caffeine is kept in check.

It, however, discourages the consumption of grains such as wheat, rye and barley, legumes, and dairy products. Dairy products contain casein, which is a bioactive substance and may give you Celiac disease. On the other hand, grains contain gluten, which can be very harmful to you and particularly many people have hypersensitivity towards it. It also lowers the absorption of nutrients into your body.

Why Go For The Stone Age (Also Called Paleo) Diet?

To begin with, you will need shorter time to prepare the Stone Age diet. In the absence of legumes that take all of your cooking time, you can now have your meals just when you need them. They are also cheap to find; it does not matter if you are rich or poor. If you live in the country you can get them right from your environment. The diet is free of chemical food additives and allergens. Being hypersensitive may make you dread meal times or you may even have to completely do away with some foods. You need to take a meal that will not send you to your physician anytime you have it or even worse, leave you with some ugly rashes.

Digestion of carbohydrates is a real task for our digestion systems. Each time you take in large servings of starch you are overburdening your system. This can make you experience grumbling of your stomach. The more sugar you eat the more it gets deposited in your body as fats. If you do not want to have some extra inches on your waistline, then you must cut on your sugar intake.

Are you aggressive about shedding some pounds? Start on the Stone Age diet recipes by – or as the Danish diet specialists call them stenalderkost opskrifter ved – and achieve that nice figure you only dream of. It is high time you trimmed those fatty tissues that make you look old. You will really miss those milk chocolates you enjoy munching on, but in the long run it pays. The diet is also known to boost your immune system. You will enjoy great health outcomes.

Eating right is paramount if you are serious about having a slimmer body. As much as doing exercises regularly counts, you need a healthy meal plan to go with. You can follow your workouts very well but when you are still taking starchy and processed foods, I assure you that you will get disappointed. Go for the Stone Age diet today and change your body for the better.