Stylish manicured hands

Hands are not easily hidden and we use them a lot so it pays to pay attention and pamper them when we can. An excellent way to do that is to get a manicure. When is Latin for hand care. Manicured hands help one look more put together and stylish. It is an excellent way to spend time out with friends as a beauty treatment you can do together while talking and catching up with them.

Stylish manicured handsManicured nails help keep someone looking polished at a relatively inexpensive price. You can with practice do them yourself or if you prefer go to a professional nail salon to get them done. There are many ways to have your nails manicured. For those who need a manicure for short nails you can simply have your nails shaped, cuticles cut, have hand lotion applied for soft skin, and a favorite polish color applied. For those seeking something for a special occasion a french manicure is a great way to have a fancy look. If you are seeking to stand out with a unique look you can get nail art such as gems or airbrushing done to your nails that suit your personality and style.

With many polish colors and designs to choose from you have a vast array of choices that you can pick from depending on your mood and what you have scheduled for the next week.

Some perks of having your nails professionally done can include luxurious things such as: a hand and arm massage, back massage while your nails dry, and paraffin wax for smooth supple skin.

Of course, budget and time can make it better for you to do your own nails at home. This can easily be accomplished with a short amount of practice. For a basic manicure you only need to remove any old polish, soak your cuticles, rub lotion on your hands, shape your nails, and apply your favorite polish. This quick routine will only take a few minutes out of your day but can last up to a week. You will need to purchase nail files, polish, cuticle trimmers or a stick to push them back, and lotion.

Having time to yourself to treat and pamper yourself is important to one’s self esteem and giving or getting a manicure for yourself is a great way to do just that.

When getting your nails done at a salon be sure that they use sanitized and/or new tools on you. If they do not you run the risk of getting an infection. If you are unsure find another salon or bring your own tools with you to the salon for them to use only on you.