Supplement for Weight Loss; Extreme Power Plus

Extreme Power Plus is a weight loss supplement designed for adults who are at least 20 pounds overweight. Although some reservations exist with certain experts about the efficacy versus risks factor, Extreme Power Plus is supposed to have given superb results to the majority of the individuals who have used it to this point.

What exactly is Extreme Power Plus, and what does it do?

Extreme Power Plus functions as a nutritional supplement that can aid in weight loss. This product is distributed by a variety of agencies in a variety of nations and is developed by Dutch International.

Originally developed in 1995, ephedra-a plant extract used more or less for weight loss and for boosting energy, is not contained in the present form of Extreme Power Plus. Ephedra has been removed from the product, perhaps because of the FDA warning about health risks associated with the substance.

Usage and Benefits

Extreme Power Plus is a safe, effective, and quick method of weight loss, and keeps users’ energy level elevated. The product is also advertised as being an effective herbal pain reliever, and as improving concentration and clarity.

The suppliers have listed some of the benefits of Extreme Power Plus to be:

  • Keeping your hunger under control.
  • Helps increase your energy level.
  • Your stamina and endurance are enhanced.
  • Extreme Power Plus makes users feel more alert.
  • This product helps users suppress their sugar cravings.
Ingredients Used in Extreme Power Plus

Extreme Power Plus is a blend of 25 ingredients that help elevate energy levels and aid in weight loss. Included in the various ingredients are Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and pantothenic acid (a B-complex type of vitamin), magnesium, L-tyrosine, chromium polynicotinate, N-Acetyl-L, green tea, grape seed extracts and guarana (an herbal stimulant using garcinia cambogia that helps for reducing weight). Although some of the ingredients will act like antioxidants, a few of them will help to curb appetite. These characteristics opt to work together to fulfill the two primary goals of Extreme Power Plus-energy boosting and weight loss.


The price does not differ greatly from retailer to retailer. The price is typically $12.95 per bottle, but can go up to $15.95 in some places.

Risks and Side Effects

Not many side effects have been reported, apart from jitteriness and nervousness experienced by some users. If the capsules are taken in the afternoon or early evening, sleep patterns may be disrupted.

As with all weight loss supplements, consumers should consult a physician before giving Extreme Power Plus a try. This is true for anyone with a chronic health condition, as well as for pregnant or lactating women, and anyone with high blood pressure.

You need to speak with your physician before beginning this weight loss program in spite of the advice provided by the suppliers. It is also required to perform a definitive look on the Internet to validate the credibility and effectiveness of certain products-specifically the weight loss supplement types.