Synagen IQ Review – Should I Really Buy Synagen IQ?

Christina Dodd 

Synagen IQ is a brain enhancing supplement that improves your overall mental performance in a natural manner. It is a natural blend of harmless but very effective ingredients whose purpose is to improve cognitive abilities and increase one’s focus. The result of Synagen IQ is an active and sharp mind that leaves no room for forgetfulness which can be frustrating. You are able to memorize and remember little details of past events with no difficulty. What sets Synagen IQ apart from the other supplements is that it is free from any chemicals and preservatives.

Synagen IQ can be purchased from the official website where there are limited offers on the prices. A single bottle of Synagen IQ containing 60 pills retails at $53.98 minus shipping charges.

Manufacturer Information and Claims about Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ

The makers of this supplement have an official website where more information on the product is available. Details about the company are not disclosed but the site is very informative filling you with all the important facts you need to know. The manufacturer of Synagen IQ claims that it is the number 1 natural cognitive enhancer that works in a short period to increase your energy level and eliminate mental fatigue. They go ahead to make a bold claim that the formula of Synagen IQ is a 100% natural thus leaves no space for side effects and is also most effective when taken daily. It gives you crystal clear focus and increases your energy levels making you more focused and confident.

How does Synagen IQ work?

Following the recommended daily dose religiously allows Synagen IQ to work flawlessly in your body improving the overall mental fitness and eventually sharpening your brain. This formula’s target is to enhance your cognitive skills and focus by naturally nourishing your brain. One is guaranteed of a healthy brain that has an improved performance, overall self confidence and boosted energy levels. There is no scientific explanation of how exactly this happens as the list of ingredients used in the formula have been kept confidential by the makers of Synagen IQ. All in all, Synagen IQ will effectively help you get rid of:

  • Reduced focus and energy levels
  • Memory loss that is associated with ageing
  • Slow mental operation
  • Low IQ and poor cognitive skills
  • Lack of motivation and self –confidence
  • Regular forgetfulness

Ingredients in Synagen IQ

The composition of Synagen IQ is 100% natural and potent ingredients. The official website fails to list the ingredients but asserts that the ingredients used in the formula have all been scientifically tested and are free from harmful chemicals or fillers making it a highly recommended and safe formula.

Synagen IQ Benefits

  • Synagen IQ improves overall brain performance.
  • It is composed of 100% natural ingredients that have been clinically approved.
  • It does not have any side effects.
  • It helps get rid of forgetfulness and provides you with mental clarity.
  • It boosts the IQ level as well as cognitive skills.
  • It improves mood and confidence.
  • It is a treatment of age related memory loss.

Syngen IQ Drawbacks

  • It cannot be used by minors under 18 years of age.
  • It has not been evaluated by the FDA.
  • Pregnant women are advised to stay away from it to avoid complications with the foetus.

Dosage Instructions

  • Take a single pill of Synagen IQ a day.
  • Do not overdose.
  • Synagen IQ pills should not be administered to anyone below the age of 18 or to pregnant women.
  • Consult with your doctor prior to administration.

Side Effects of Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ pills are completely safe as the composition has been clinically tested and approved. It is also 100% natural. One is advised to be keen not to overdose and take them diligently without fail.

Does it interact with other medications?

Synagen IQ is not suitable for anyone with a severe medical condition and should only be taken under your doctor’s direction. It has no harm on prescription drugs but this does not give you the excuse to not consult with your doctor prior to consumption.

Final Verdict

As one ages, the brain activity becomes slow and only gets worse as more time passes. You do not have to accept the reality of a dull forgetful mind when you can simply opt for Synagen IQ to have a sharp, active and healthy brain. Remember your forgetfulness is not only frustrating to you but everyone around you. Synagen IQ is an effective brain enhancer that will change your life by naturally boosting your overall brain performance. Its success rate is impressive judging from the numerous positive reviews by its consumers who use it daily. Stay in competition with great minds by creating room for Synagen IQ in your life.

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