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Colon Care: Watch for Those Parasites

Christina Dodd 

Along with the toxins and bad bacteria, parasites living in bodily wastes in the bowel, can wreak havoc in the body if we do not follow a healthy lifestyle, and colon maintenance. We must eliminate these parasites through good colon care, as soon as possible.

Colon Care Vis-à-Vis Parasites

We are all aware that the inability of our colon to move fecal matter from the body, in addition to toxins, parasites, and detrimental bacteria will create a problem for the other vital organs. It is crucial that we get the right care for our colon if we suspect any bowel problems.

While parasites can be the main cause of colon problems, diagnosing the parasite infection is difficult. There have been situations when the wrong diagnosis may have led to failure in providing good colon care in patients who need it. Since parasite infestation is problematic for the colon and the body, it is important to look at the features indicative of this phenomenon.

Types of Parasites

Parasite pathogens fall into two basic categories. The microscopic protozoans are carried by fecal material and water. Reproduction of protozoans happen through duplication. This means that they do not lay eggs. They simply multiply. Processed food can contain thirteen different types of protozoans. They travel to other parts of the body through the bloodstream to cause many physical problems like diseases and infections. Although the conditions caused by protozoan parasites could be serious, the problems stop over time. If a person is healthy and has a strong immune system then protozoans won’t be a problem.

Worms are the second types of parasites. There are three common varieties of worms: tapeworms, roundworms, and flukes. Their duplication cycles include the creation of larvae, eggs, and cysts on a regular, cyclical basis. While the worms are noticeable to the naked eye in bowel movements, the larvae, eggs, or cysts are harder to detect. Sometimes it is even difficult with the assistance of lab tests.

Symptoms of Parasite Infections

Although parasites are considered major health-disrupting elements that need to be eradicated through effective colon maintenance, diagnosing parasite infections from the obvious symptoms is not that simple.

There can be many indications of infestation. Some are sleep disruptions, asthma, depression, auto-immune diseases, stomach/digestive problems, headaches, joint and muscle aches, fatigue, skin eruptions, and others.

However, the main symptoms of parasite infestation often include:
  • unusual bowel actions and movements.
  • Strange sounds from the abdomen.
  • Strong pain in the stomach.
  • The stool has a very bad smell.
  • Slight pain in the chest area.
  • Coughing and winded.
  • High Temperature.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Unusual feelings of hunger.
Colon Care Methods to Overcome Parasite Infections

When you have a diagnosis of a parasite infection, it is a simple matter to find a good colon care product or program. There are many colon care methods. These include herbal pills and formulas and natural colon cleansing powders as well as invasive methods. Some examples of these would be colonic irrigation or enemas.

Of course, it would be a simple matter to just pick any one of these. However, it is important to remember that a colon care routine should only be undertaken after a thorough consultation with a physician. It is also a good idea to be an informed patient by doing your own internet research.

Colonic: Return Your Bowel to Health

Christina Dodd 

Whatever name you call it — colonic, high colonic, colon cleansing, colon irrigation, or colon hydrotherapy — it is the most successful way among the choices of colon cleansing plans and products to help you remove the toxic waste in your bowels.

How Would You Describe a Colonic?

A colonic is a well-known bowel cleansing procedure, which is based on the elements of enema administration. Colonics, also called colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, consist of washing the colon with the proper temperature water using a rectal catheter.

The cleaning of the bowel with an enema or colonic has been used since time immemorial to have the body free of solidified feces along with the toxins, bad bacteria and parasites. Irrigation of the bowels, as in a colonic, also streamlines the colon’s functions and brings about relief for a wide array of health ailments.
How is a Colonic Conducted?

Below are the steps to colonic process:

  • Begin by rubbing the lower stomach.
  • Next put a disposable catheter into the rectum, making sure to use sterilized equipment and enough water-based lubricant.
  • The catheter tube brings pure, warm water into the bowel.
  • The build up of fecal matter is eliminated as warm water goes through the tube. This step is done repeatedly to get the best results.

While performing this procedure, the therapist must make sure to:

  • Use proper hygiene and sanitation measures to prevent any type of contamination. At the beginning of the procedure the therapist should put on a pair of disposable gloves.
  • Clear any sort of kink or blockage in the tubing immediately.
  • Maintain the water temperature under 40 degrees C (preferably 37.6 degrees C – normal body temp) so there will be no burning or thermal pain.

It takes 30- 45 minutes to complete one colonic session. 20 liters of water is used during the complete procedure.


The costs of colonic procedures can vary according to where it is performed and other various factors. One colonic appointment can cost anywhere between $50 and $90, not including quantity discounts for multiple sessions.

Side Effects and Risks

There are certain side effects and risks that could develop from a colonic. You should consult your medical doctor prior to trying colonic irrigation if you have diarrhea or a compromised immune system.

Gastrointestinal infections, as well as infections caused by inadequate hygienic practices, are potential side effects. A colonic could also cause a colon ulcer to develop, as well as diverticulitis and hemorrhoids. Instances of thermal shock have been reported during the procedure (because of the temperature being incorrect) and temporary urgency in bowel movements.

Colonic Versus Other Colon Cleansing Products/Techniques
It appears that colonic is more expensive than other techniques, especially when compared to natural or the herbal methods. The colonic treatment being slightly invasive could be surprisingly non-traumatic for people that have uncomfortable feelings about a catheter insertion of the anus.

Even with these problems, the colonic may not be as expensive or as traumatic as you might think. This is especially true considering the effective and comprehensive removal of the fecal matter and dangerous toxins lodged to the walls of your colon.

Colon Cleansers: Which Product Should You Choose?

Christina Dodd 

After you have determined to try an effective colon cleanser to both clean and detoxify your digestive tract, next you’ll need to find the proper product or combination of products. But this is the tricky part! With all of the products for colon cleaning lining drugstore shelves, it’s quite confusing to try to decide which of them is most effective.

Colon Cleansing Alternatives

The proliferation of colon problems, primarily caused by deposits of compacted feces along with undesirable bacteria and toxins, has propelled the wellness industry to launch many colon cleansers and methods to conquer this issue. According to your health as well as what you prefer, you can opt for aggressive or noninvasive procedures for colon cleansing.

Although the invasive methods include enema, clyster, lavage and colonic water therapy or irrigation, non-aggressive remedies entail supplements taken orally, such as herbal and alternative treatments. Because there is a vast array of colon cleansing products available for you to choose from, it is important for you to do the research before you decide which product to use.

Top Colon Cleansers

Among the abundant colon cleansing products offered for sale, these few appear to earn the recommendation of many professionals:

Dr. Natura’s Colonix System

Colonix is a widely used colon cleanser product. It relies on fiber and additionally includes herbal/organic components like senna and psyllium husk. The people who make this product say that as well as being a powerful colon cleanser, it can also help with weight loss of about 15 pounds during thirty days of use.

P&B Shake

P&B Shake is a blend of powdered psyllium husk and benitonite clay – the initials of the pair of popular colon cleaning ingredients applied to this product formula’s name. Professionals regard this as a harmless alternative for colon cleansing and helping rid the digestive tract of undesirable toxins, bacteria and parasites. Although dosages differ according to the gravity of your problem, typically the shake is consumed following every meal and prior to retiring for the night.

Double Action Cleaning

Combining Colon Clear with Total Body Purifier, this colon cleanser removes toxicity from both the colon and throughout the bodily system. Although Colon Clear – a colon cleanser in its own right – performs the colon cleaning aspect, Total Body Purifier aids in ridding toxins throughout the body.

Oxygenating Colon Cleansers
With a reputation as a very good option, oxygen-based colon cleansing products have been established to work very well in removing the waste particles out of the colon as well as getting rid of the toxins. The significance of oxygen for encouraging beneficial bacteria is another bonus of these products for conquering bowel issues and easing colon function.

Any colon cleansers which are regarded as beneficial and effective by yourself and your physician may be utilized. Still, you need to be certain that the cleansing system is augmented with altered lifestyle and nutrition habits, which have to be part of your ‘things to do’ to care for your colon.

What is Natural Colon Cleanse?

Christina Dodd 

Because of the increase in problems pertaining to the bowel, you will find many ways to cleanse the colon – one of these ways is the natural colon cleanse – being suggested by professionals to eliminate bad toxins from your body. People choose to use a natural colon cleanse because it’s more affordable, convenient, and accessible.

Is A Colon Cleanse Necessary?

Colon cleanses are used primarily for elimination of the toxins that commonly build up inside our bodies. Through food, air, or drinks we could be exposed to these bacteria and parasites. Poor lifestyles are responsible for many of the diseases floating around in the human body.

In cases like this, you have to either prevent these harmful toxins from coming into your body, or find a way to get them out if they are already in your system. You could end up having to get your body’s organs — specifically the colon, as it houses the majority of toxins in the body — cleansed periodically.

How Would You Define A Natural Colon Cleanse?

Although the main concept is based on a basic regimen, natural colon cleansing could mean using alternate medicinal methods, herbs and formulas. If you do a natural colon cleanse at least once per year, you can stay healthy and fit by ridding yourself of the hardened fecal matter and toxins in your body.

Drinking copious amounts of pure water and ingesting specific herbs along with a particular diet is the basis of a natural colon cleansing routine. Natural colon cleanses actually require a large amount of devotion, discipline, and perseverance on your part to maintain.

Eating Plan for Natural Colon Cleanse

Since the basic concept of the natural colon cleanse depends mostly on altering the way you eat, you must be aware of precisely what you will eat – and what you are not supposed to eat – during the time you are cleansing.

It’s mandatory to:
  • Have a breakfast of whole grain cereal and Soya milk.
  • Ingest two times the amount of steamed vegetables and raw fruits that you were consuming before undergoing a natural colon cleanse.
  • Consume a reasonable amount of fruit and vegetable juices between meals. Fruit juices, in contrast to fruits, should be consumed in moderation (approximately six ounces or less in an hour).
  • Non-creamed soup or a salad of fruits and vegetables with non-fat dressing can replace snacks.
  • Drink half of your body weight, figured in ounces, in water each day. For example, if you weight 150 pounds, drink at least 75 ounces of water per day. Natural colon cleanse benefits from water.
  • You should not eat or drink dairy products.
  • Lower the intake of the meat you like so much by one half.

You need to check with your physician in order to get the correct prescription of herbs to ingest while undergoing a natural colon cleanse. You should consult your doctor regularly before, during, and any time a need arises when undergoing a natural colon cleanse.

Natural Colon Cleanser: The Substances That Work

Christina Dodd 

Several of the colon cleansing therapies currently on the market face stiff criticism from many skeptics. For this reason, you may prefer to try a natural colon cleanser. These can effectively help you remove stagnated fecal matter and toxins from your colon.

Colon Health vis-à-vis Natural Remedies

Natural therapies have always been well received the world over. They are known to treat most types of illness quite well. Many of these natural substances do not cause any side effects, and they are easy and cheap to obtain.

It is easy to maintain your colon using natural methods because of the basic role and construction of the colon. There are lots of herbal extracts and other substances that you can use as natural and effective colon cleansers. They are now easy to find in most health stores.

Specific Substances That Act As Good Natural Colon Cleansers

Fiber, herbal extracts, and special diets are recognized for their colon-cleansing abilities, and a number of other natural substances will do it as well.

Among these you will find:

  • Calcium. Calcium is easy to find, and its pill form can be used to strengthen your bones or clean your colon. If you have irritable bowel syndrome or if you are lactose intolerant, Calcium might be a great thing for you instead of milk.
  • Vitamin D. Vitamin D intake promotes a healthy colon and works as a natural cleanser for the colon. Orange juice is a particularly good source of this specific vitamin, which is widely available in other foods as well.
  • Fresh cloves of garlic. Garlic is well-known for being able to regulate bowel function, so by its very nature it is a great natural colon cleanser. Taking garlic regularly and in moderation will help you to prevent the growth of colon polyps. This will keep you from getting colon cancer.
  • Ginger. Now coming in the version of a capsule, your well-loved ginger is an additional beneficial, pure colon cleanser with the ability to fight cancer. Add this delicious spice to your daily diet to help keep your colon healthy and clean.
  • The Miracle Green Tea. The magic herb, Green Tea is becoming more popular for use in health-related issues. Add garlic, ginger and green tea to your daily routine. These delicious, natural items will help you avoid colon cancer by keeping your colon clean.
  • Grape Seed Extract. Grape seed extract is a natural colon cleanser and an excellent anti-cancer substance. Several studies have shown this substance to be quite effective in preventing cancerous cell growth in the colon.
  • Turmeric. Turmeric boasts many medicinal qualities, among which is the ability to cleanse the colon. Quite a few research studies that have been undertaken regarding this health-friendly substance have definitely shown its ability to stop development of polyps on the colon wall. This gives it great cancer fighting capabilities.
A Couple of Cautions

Regardless of these points, remember that the first thing you must do is consult your doctor before you decide to use any natural colon cleanser. Furthermore, you must also determine the exact amounts and dosages you have to take in order get the most beneficial result.

You must also eat the diet that is specified. This single act is at the top of the colon cleansing list. The fact of the matter is that there should be two top priorities. They are drinking plenty of plain, clean, pure water and eating a healthy diet.

Colon Health: How Do I Guarantee It?

Christina Dodd 

You should be asking yourself this question often. Right? The answer is quite obvious. You have the power to ensure your own colon health.

What is a Colon Exactly?

You are likely to know what it is.

The colon is part of your large intestine. Many people refer to it as the large intestine because it comprises a bulk of the space of that organ that:

  • Stores fecal wastes from food that is digested.
  • Helps in the absorption of foods that are undigested. (However, it does not help in the digestive process in a substantial way, just as the large intestine does not produce digestive enzymes.)
  • Absorbs the good things from the food we eat.
  • Lubricates the feces so that it is eliminated from the body safely.

How Detrimental Is an Unhealthy Colon?

An unhealthy colon can be the cause of many health problems, as unbelievable as that may be. Any given disease can be linked to poor colon health. The list can go on and on, but a handful of the common diseases that are caused, or aggravated, due to an unhealthy colon may include constipation, diarrhea, digestive disorders, allergies, common cold, flu, sinusitis, headaches, vision problems, foul body and breath odor, skin problems, backaches, knee pain, stress, and colon cancer.

It is obvious that good colon health can guard against such conditions, or offer relief from them if your colon is cleansed properly. In addition to pain, aches and the trauma of the disease, a thorough colon cleansing will help reduce your weight, and improve your memory and general health.

How Do I Keep My Colon Healthy?

If you are one of those who maintains a healthy lifestyle, and watch the quality of everything you eat and drink, then you may be able to keep your colon in tip top condition. If you are not a member of that group, there’s no reason to worry, because there are others suffering from those same problems all over the world. A majority of the human race suffers from colon-related health problems, and needs some assistance.

To match the magnitude of the problem, various products, plans and methods are available to consumers to assist you in making your colon healthy again. These products, and methods that belong to all systems of medicine, whether it is the standard or alternative type, can have quite a positive effect in differing degrees. Depending on how severe your condition, your preferences or doubts, availability and expense, you can choose any of them to cleanse your colon.

There are some things that you must remember before choosing the appropriate colon health program to suit your needs. Consult thoroughly with your doctor. Secondly, rethink your lifestyle, and eating habits. Drink plenty of non-carbonated water. You may not know it now, but your chosen colon health provider may be able to prescribe the same advice at the start of your colon cleansing plan.

Colon therapy

Christina Dodd 

Colon therapy is a type of therapy has many distinctive names. Some people call it the colon irrigation, and others call colon hydrotherapy. Other names include enema irrigation and / or coffee enemas. Although they are all exactly the same way, and it is with water or another liquid. So what is the therapy of the colon, and what does it do? Practically, colon therapy is where they take gallons of water and they move through your colon. This is done with a special machine. However, even if it is used most, this is not the only thing that is used. Solutions and other substances (such as coffee) are sometimes awarded if the colon as well. Anyway you look at it ‘s the center of the intestine (the colon or) to get rid of the thing that is stuck in there.

Colon therapy

For many, there is no scientific confirmation that support this kind of treatment can treat cancer. Though, it can help maintain the cleanliness of the colon. There are side effects that may go with colon therapy. In fact, one of the most common is infection, which can lead to death. Although there are other treatment options column, most people like colon hydrotherapy. It is considered virtually nothing more than a method of detoxification to remove accumulated waste from your colon. These are usually the kind of things you worry about you more. Those who lose are usually the old digestive enzymes in their stomach. This causes things that should not happen to get to the colon.

Each time you use colon therapy you will have a colon therapy chart. While this may mean many things, usually a colon therapy is the graphics card that is used to monitor the therapy of the colon. So, roughly, leaving a question of left and which is, how is it done? What happens is a plastic tube is inserted into your rectum and colon in the region. The machine at this point is under way to send large quantities of water (or fluid in the intestine). They are normally up to 20 liters of water. Of course, if you are in the process of cleaning the rectum, then use about a quarter of a liquid. After the colon is full of water, the therapist will massage the abdomen. This will help remove all waste that is stuck on the walls of the colon. After that, water and waste will be carried out by another tube. Most often this is done a few times. Colon therapy lasts about an hour to do. After all is removed, you will notice a difference in how you feel. You will see that you also have decreased in weight. After all, advertising has been around the execution is all gone. Some argue colon therapy, and some do not. You should talk to your doctor to see if it is just for you or not.

Colon Cleansing – Is It Really Necessary?

Christina Dodd 

You definitely need to cleanse your colon if the toxic substances stuck in your body are not eliminated from your body because your colon is weak and stopped up with hard excrement…

How Dangerous Is An Unhealthy Colon?

The main functions of the colon that takes up the area of the large intestine are:

  • To accumulate waste material including toxic substances and to get rid of them through a scheduled evacuation procedure.
  • Moisturizing of the feces done through water absorption and electrolytes.
  • To absorb food that is not digested.
Colon Cleansing

Despite not having any function when it comes to digestion, a colon that is in bad health can cause trouble such as developing harmful diseases like cancer in your bodily system. This is an area of your body that for some reason has an influence on how a lot of the organs in your body work. For instance, a stopped up colon can cause trouble for the regular functioning of the liver, which could then be harmful to the health of the kidneys. To prevent serious health ailments, you should undergo colon cleansing from time to time.

Toxin vis-à-vis Colon Cleansing

Whether you think it is true or not, many people have a tendency to be afflicted with a variety of everyday diseases like being constipated, developing a hernia, candida yeast, acne on their skin, and other things that sooner or later come from a weak colon stuffed with fecal particles that are not able to get out of our bodies. When we gorge ourselves with foods that are not part of a healthy lifestyle, all of this occurs. Eating too much causes hyperacidity that results in less minerals and decreased electrolyte levels, and because of this, it weakens the colon so that it isn’t able to eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria.

Food is not the only thing that causes deadly toxins or bacteria to get into our bodies. Bad living situations together with bad eating habits, an undisciplined way of living, pesticides, environmental pollution and stress, can also make the toxicity issues worse.

Symptoms of a weak colon might cause you to search for something that can revive the organs so that the poisons and bacteria are purged from the body without too much trouble. Under these circumstances, the only thing to do is to choose an excellent colon-cleansing plan that can perform the job well.

Colon Cleansing Benefits

Getting rid of stagnant waste from the entire alimentary canal that ends with the colon is the important benefit for you. Purging this bodily waste, getting rid of toxins and harmful bacteria will bring back the health of your colon so it can function well.

Colon cleansing is a way to stay healthy and everyone should do this task at some time, no matter if we have colon problems or not. Since toxins appear to be involved in our physical bodies, it is good for everybody to do what is needed to avoid their entry, and if that doesn’t work, we have to remove them as soon as we can. The best method to eliminate toxins is colon cleansing, which maintains the colon – and eventually the rest of the organs in the body – keeping them completely healthy and functioning.

Choosing the Right Procedure For Colon Cleansing

There is an abundance of methods, plans and programs available to cleanse the colon. Several of them are extremely easy and non-invasive because they consist of following a special eating plan (some with fasting and some without fasting), certain herbs and foods that are loaded with fiber or drinks. Some of these are invasive procedures requiring the use of needles or tubes being put in to send water or another liquid to assist with the cleansing procedure.

You can choose various ways to cleanse your colon with procedures lasting for as short a time as one week or lasting as long as eight weeks. But you should have a conversation with your doctor before you pick the right product, and remember to have a colon cleansing done under professional care as well.