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Colon Disorder

If you are nearing forty and have a familial history of colon cancer, certain precautions need to be taken. You must undergo the pertinent examinations on a regular basis, including the occasional colonoscopy, which can help you lower the risk quite significantly. You also have to make lifestyle changes to prevent a colon disorder.

Colon Cancer-The Worst Disorder of the Colon

The initial fact you need to be aware of about colon cancer is that it is not another typical colon problem like constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis or appendicitis. Regular examination and periodic colon cleansing can control these sort of colon disorders however colon cancers cannot be treated as simply as the other situations.

Colon cancer, or colorectal cancer, is a cancerous growth located in the vicinity of the rectum or the colon. Colon cancer is the third highest occurring cancer, and the second most fatal. Colon cancer, though relatively curable, is one of the most dangerous colon disorders.

Risk Factors

Unlike other colon disorders, which are usually attributed to the buildup of fecal wastes in the bowel together with the associated toxic substances, parasites and harmful bacteria, the reasons for the onset of colon cancer are not very well understood. Colon cancer, however, is curable if detected and removed early enough.

Even though it may not be thought of as very relevant for you to be overly concerned with the issue, it won’t hurt you to be aware of the basic risk factors associated with this feared colon disorder.

It can be said that an individual is at very high risk for colon cancer if they display one or more of the characteristics as follows:

  • Over fifty years of age.
  • Having a lifestyle that is typically sedentary and void of exercise and activity.
  • Family history of colon cancer.
  • A diet that is unhealthy, low in fiber and high in red meat.
  • Persons who smoke
  • A heavy consumer of alcoholic beverages.
  • Individuals who have suffered a serious colon condition like Crohn’s disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, ulcerative colitis or colon cancer (polyps).

Serious Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Although it is very hard to relate any symptoms typical with the onset of colon cancer, the most common ones generally noted include:

  • A marked change in frequency and consistency of stool and bowel habits – interspersed with occurrence of minor colon disorders such as constipation, gas formation, bloating and diarrhea, etc.
  • Stools which have periodic blood and/or mucus in them.
  • Appetite regression.
  • No apparent reason for loss of body weight.
  • Recurring pain in the abdomen.
  • Stool that is thin or small in diameter.
  • A sense of non-completion even after finishing bowel movements.
Prevention and Cure

As previously stated, this major disorder of the colon, which is known to claim hundreds of thousands of lives annually, can be brought under control to some degree. Treatment options include invasive surgery or less invasive options like laparoscopy and chemotherapy, that function well on their own or in addition to surgery.

Prevention of the dangerous cancer of the colon can be incorporated via a number of lifestyle changes. Regular colonoscopies can help detect and remove cancerous growths before they advance very far.

If you know about the risk factors and lead a healthy lifestyle, you can save yourself these problems later on in life. Prevention is always better than the cure said a very rightly individual.

Supplement for Weight Loss; Extreme Power Plus

Extreme Power Plus is a weight loss supplement designed for adults who are at least 20 pounds overweight. Although some reservations exist with certain experts about the efficacy versus risks factor, Extreme Power Plus is supposed to have given superb results to the majority of the individuals who have used it to this point.

What exactly is Extreme Power Plus, and what does it do?

Extreme Power Plus functions as a nutritional supplement that can aid in weight loss. This product is distributed by a variety of agencies in a variety of nations and is developed by Dutch International.

Originally developed in 1995, ephedra-a plant extract used more or less for weight loss and for boosting energy, is not contained in the present form of Extreme Power Plus. Ephedra has been removed from the product, perhaps because of the FDA warning about health risks associated with the substance.

Usage and Benefits

Extreme Power Plus is a safe, effective, and quick method of weight loss, and keeps users’ energy level elevated. The product is also advertised as being an effective herbal pain reliever, and as improving concentration and clarity.

The suppliers have listed some of the benefits of Extreme Power Plus to be:

  • Keeping your hunger under control.
  • Helps increase your energy level.
  • Your stamina and endurance are enhanced.
  • Extreme Power Plus makes users feel more alert.
  • This product helps users suppress their sugar cravings.
Ingredients Used in Extreme Power Plus

Extreme Power Plus is a blend of 25 ingredients that help elevate energy levels and aid in weight loss. Included in the various ingredients are Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and pantothenic acid (a B-complex type of vitamin), magnesium, L-tyrosine, chromium polynicotinate, N-Acetyl-L, green tea, grape seed extracts and guarana (an herbal stimulant using garcinia cambogia that helps for reducing weight). Although some of the ingredients will act like antioxidants, a few of them will help to curb appetite. These characteristics opt to work together to fulfill the two primary goals of Extreme Power Plus-energy boosting and weight loss.


The price does not differ greatly from retailer to retailer. The price is typically $12.95 per bottle, but can go up to $15.95 in some places.

Risks and Side Effects

Not many side effects have been reported, apart from jitteriness and nervousness experienced by some users. If the capsules are taken in the afternoon or early evening, sleep patterns may be disrupted.

As with all weight loss supplements, consumers should consult a physician before giving Extreme Power Plus a try. This is true for anyone with a chronic health condition, as well as for pregnant or lactating women, and anyone with high blood pressure.

You need to speak with your physician before beginning this weight loss program in spite of the advice provided by the suppliers. It is also required to perform a definitive look on the Internet to validate the credibility and effectiveness of certain products-specifically the weight loss supplement types.

Super Colon Cleanser – Making Fiber Number One

Do you have difficulty with your bowel movements? Are you troubled by problems with chronic constipation? If you respond affirmatively to each of these queries, you need to search for an effective, super colon cleanser now. Keep in mind; it needs to be effective, instead of just calling itself, ‘number one’ or ‘mega’ colon cleanser without delivering the goods.

Plenty Of Super Colon Cleansers are Available

If you’re interested in super colon cleansers, just go online and do a search of the term. You’ll be astounded by the number of results containing the superlative ‘super’ along with other hyperbolic terms like ‘supreme’, ‘number one’ and ‘top’ that turn up. Eventually you become so baffled that selecting an authentic super colon cleanser is too big of a hassle.

A short investigation into the formulas used in colon cleansers on the market shows that most of these products contain soluble as well as insoluble dietary fibers. Each type of colon cleansing system, among them the simplest organic cleansing plan emphasizes the significance of dietary fiber and fiber-enriched supplements to a large degree. Thus, it ought to be appropriate to term this organic ingredient, fiber, which has stood the test of time, as the authentic super colon cleanser.

What are the Reasons for Adopting Fiber as a Super Colon Cleanser ?

Dietary fiber, especially the soluble form, is really beneficial for the colon. As it’s consumed, it reduces the amount of toxins in your body to a large extent. Consequently, when you consume food, the time required for it to proceed through the whole digestive tract is greatly lowered due to quicker assimilation.

The faster bowel evacuation period might additionally be caused by the elevated mineral salts in the dietary fibers, typically found in lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies. Inclusion of fiber is the main factor for the suggested use of these types of diets for bowel cleansing systems, either in a super colon cleanser or a regular one.

Fiber-Enriched Colon Cleansing Supplements Description

There are plenty of fiber-enriched supplements that may be purchased from local health food retailers. In addition, a bevy of fiber-packed supplements is offered for sale on the web.

Natural or herbal sources are what most fiber supplements are derived from. Although the best and most popular one utilized is psyllium seed, as husks or powdered, there are plenty more, like guar gum, flax and alginate, which work just as effectively as those termed super colon cleansers.

What Quantity of Fiber Ought to Be Consumed ?

To achieve ideal function for the colon, you require in the range of 25 to 35 grams of fiber in your daily diet. This amount is certainly greater than your current intake, with the median fiber consumption of adults in the U.S. less than 12 grams.

Honestly, there’s no reason to wait for a difficult bowel to look to this super colon cleanser for a solution. If you are able to habitually add greater amounts of fiber in your everyday diet, as Native Americans and Africans do, you’ll maintain optimal health in mind and body. Also, it is likely that you won’t have to search for that super colon cleanser at any point from now on.

Colon Irrigation: Is it Necessary?

For almost a century the colon irrigation process was popular but over the past few years that process is waning. Could this drop-off be attributed to a faulty procedure, or merely a rise in the cheap and easy bowel cleansing products found in the market?

How Would You Describe Colon Irrigation?

Colon irrigation is a type of colonic irrigation.

Colonic is one of the names the colon irrigation process has been given and it is considered an upgrade over the old school enema. It may also be known as:

  • Colonics
  • High colonics
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Hydrotherapy of the Colon

About one hundred years ago at the beginning of the twentieth century colon irrigation became a popular bowel cleansing method. It called for a tube to be inserted in the anus that put forth a warm water solution into the bowel in stages. It is washed over and over to remove all the fecal matter that is lodged on the walls of the colon and then it gets removed through the rectum. It also helps to remove any deadly toxins and harmful bacteria and parasites that may be inside the colon. The resulting colon cleanse puts it back on track and makes it healthy enough to keep you free from unwanted toxins and other matters.

What Are The Benefits of Colon Irrigation?

  • Ridding the body of wastes and toxins, a colon irrigation also rejuvenates the immune system.
  • Healthy mucosa reduces the absorption of toxins.
  • Promotes a healthy micro flora inside the intestines by adding good bacteria which betters the capability of the digestive system.
  • Restores the body’s pH balance.
  • The blood stream will easily receive the assimilated, essential nutrients.
  • As the muscles of the colon become stronger, there are better peristaltic actions.
  • Normal bowel action/movements are resumed.

In spite of the above, colon irrigation appears to perform a complete job of the colon cleansing regimen. The result is that it makes the colon shade its evident sloth and gets it to work efficiently to maintain the complete body in a fit and healthy manner.

Why has it received such criticism?

People’s thoughts are divided on how useful colon irrigation/hydrotherapy is in adding considerably to one’s overall wellness.

Most experts’ opinions are that the use of additional products or programs, specifically the natural colon cleansing plan, can be more efficient in allowing a different solution. While the proponents of colon irrigation think that the procedure can impact the overall health issue considerably, the critics would rather limit its utility to a handful of conditions like constipation or for cleansing the body before a particular investigation. The negatives against colon irrigation could be actualized against the following conditions:

  • Lack of effectiveness of colon irrigation in the context of results obtained toward overall health improvement.
  • Being afraid of conditions that are not sanitary or hygienic or have no infection control procedures in order during the process.
  • The awkwardness of the process for colon irrigation.
  • It’s very expensive.
Will I do it or won’t I?

It could be for those reasons or a combination of reasons that certain health experts do not think the idea of colon irrigation is a worthwhile procedure to address general health problems. Because the pre-packaged products are economical to use and so convenient there has become a growing popularity for them. However, the colon irrigation type of enema cannot be dismissed totally from the body/colon detoxification scene. The effect it has on curing diseases is confirmed by effectively irrigating the bowel.

Cleansing With Herbs: Give Triphala a Shot

Have you ever heard of Ayurvedic medicine? Try it if you’re an alternative medicine buff. Triphala is an Ayurvedic superstar which is able to address a multitude of health problems. Try as you might, you probably won’t find another herbal product with this unique triple play of effectiveness.

About Herbal Cleansing

If you search for colon cleansing products at a store or online, you’ll find that many of them are herb-based. In fact, there are many formulations on the market that aren’t completely herbal, but nevertheless use some sort of herb or plant in the cleansing process.

Herbal cleansing as a detoxification method has been used extensively for ages. Alternative medicine has been using plants to treat and cure disease for a long time. Among the different types of alternative medicine, Ayurveda is one that stands out as having given many useful gifts to the world.

Triphala is one of these gifts – almost a sort of crown jewel of Ayurvedic medicine.

What Is Triphala?

Triphala, which suggests the fusion of three fruits, is an herbal formulation typically sold as powder or capsules. Triphala is composed of three different fruit extracts, called amla, hardia, and bahada (also known as Amalaki, Haritaki and Bhibitaki) – all of which have unique medical qualities.

These qualities include (only those which are medicinally relevant) are:

  • Amla. Amla, which is great for meeting your daily vitamin C requirement and heals damaged cells on the walls of the intestinal tract if you use it as an herbal cleanser.
  • Harida. Harida is very gentle on the colon and also makes a good laxative.
  • Bahada. Destroys built-up mucus, bacteria, yeast, and parasites – a tough job that you should expect any herbal cleansing product worth its salt to do satisfactorily.

Not only is Triphala useful as a laxative and herbal cleanser, it’s also quite often used as a preventative or therapeutic agent. Even though this product is Indian in origin, global trade and online sales have made it accessible to anyone, no matter where they might live.

How Triphala Can Help You

Using Triphala as just a laxative or herbal cleansing product really doesn’t do its medicinal qualities justice. Triphala has a role in keeping every system of the body healthy.

There are plenty of other organs and systems that can benefit besides the colon and digestive organs, such as the heart, lungs, urinary tract, reproductive organs, skin, and even nerves. In fact, it provides nourishment to the body and tones it up quite well.

Regular use of Triphala can address many different health conditions, including indigestion, liver dysfunction, hypertension, etc. It also improves your circulation and can lower your cholesterol. Triphala is also known as a quality antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.

Use Triphala Often

No matter whether you want to use it to prevent or treat a problem, daily use is not harmful. It’s cheap and has no side effects.

If you make Triphala a part of your daily regimen, you probably won’t need other medication very often – most likely just other herbal cleansing products designed to remove wastes, toxins, parasites, and unfriendly bacteria from your colon.

Bowel Cleansing: Tips To Remember

One bowel movement per day isn’t enough for good health! According to experts, you should have roughly one bowel movement per major meal per day. If you have fewer than that, you need to have a thorough bowel cleansing as soon as possible.

Remember that the experts know best.

Why Is Good Bowel Health Important?

Because the bowel, or colon, has a major role in your overall health and fitness. The colon collects fecal waste, conditions it with water and mineral salt from food, and systematically expels it from the body. If the bowel system does not work, all the toxins, parasites and harmful bacteria remain in your body when they should have been removed with feces.

Because of this, you should always keep an eye on your colon and take action if problems occur. Thorough bowel cleansing can help treat a bad colon or bowel.

How To Make The Most Of Bowel Cleansing

There are several different products on the market to cleanse one’s bowels. Regardless of what procedure you choose, your bowel cleansing success depends on your physical and mental state and perseverance.

Have perseverance – the bowel cleansing process has a few reactions associated with it. Some of these include weakness, fatigue, nausea, or temporary diarrhea, muscle aches, acne, bad breath or bloating. These are called “die-off effects.” Remember that die-off effects aren’t side effects; they are natural parts of cleansing.
To alleviate these, here are some tips to follow during bowel cleansing:

  • Consume Vitamin C each morning for your immune system.
  • Drink plenty of water, especially if you’re tired or have a headache.
  • Take probiotics so you can accumulate more good bacteria in the body.
  • Attempt to increase your energy levels in general by eating lots of soups and stews, which are good sources of electrolytes.
  • Adhere to a good diet. Be sure not to eat too much. Yeast flakes in food or drink can increase your levels of Vitamin B and mineral salt.
  • Work out regularly to remove more toxins from the body.
    A special detox bath can also remove toxins.
  • Relax while undergoing your cleansing. Put on some music, get a book, or do some yoga. This will help keep mood swings, which can occur during bowel cleansing, from being too severe.

These spin-offs are just natural parts of the bowel cleansing process and are temporary. Because of this, persevere through these die-off effects.


Herbal Colon Cleanser – Using Psyllium Husk in Your Diet

Its simplicity, affordability and effectiveness make this ‘magic’ seed among the most desired herbal colon cleanser ingredients globally. Make this a part of you routine and you will see a big difference in you bowel movements.

Success of Herbs for Colon Cleansing

Historically, herbs and their derivatives have demonstrated their effectiveness for colon cleansing. Over time, increasing numbers of folks realize the necessity of consistent colon cleansing and search for the ideal products available. The overall consensus in the media is that herbal colon cleansers rank at the top in the ideal colon cleansing products.

Among the bevy of botanical and herbal extracts being used more and more in herbal colon cleansers, psyllium seed husk is doubtless preeminent. This versatile ingredient can be used by itself as a colon cleanser or as a component in the formulation of a lot of name brand herbal colon cleansers.

What Exactly is Psyllium Husk?

Derived from a botanical specimen called plantago ovata, psyllium husk is a dietary fiber that dissolves in water. Seeds from the unique psyllium botanical are in the category of soluble fibers termed mucilages. The viscous substance called mucilage gives psyllium husk its water-absorption property, deriving moisture from what you eat and drink.

Psyllium seed husk – similar to different fibers like apple pectin, oat bran and guar gum that dissolve in water – possesses demonstrated properties for reducing cholesterol and aiding colon function.

Practicality of Psyllium Husk for Herbal Colon Cleansing

Aside from its many advantages to wellness, psyllium husk appears to be a key herbal colon cleansing ingredient to improve digestion and constipation in particular. Dietary fiber contained in psyllium husk promotes absorption of water consumed, expanding your colon sufficiently to evacuate feces along with bodily toxins easily.

Among the different digestive issues that psyllium husk may help are diarrhea, colitis, diverticulitis, and obviously constipation. But, its inclusion as an ideal ingredient for herbal colon cleansers has led to use by a bevy of drug makers.

Dosage and Side Effects

The typical suggested dosage for psyllium husk as a colon cleanser ought to be restricted to no more than two tablespoons up to two times a day. Ideally it ought to be taken at mealtimes or with a glass of water. The effects produced by this versatile colon cleanser may be observed in a brief period.

In terms of side effects, although its use as a cholesterol-lowering mechanism possesses minor side effects, no concomitant effects are indicated for psyllium husk as an herbal colon cleanser definitely different from the many laxative and aggressive colon cleansers consumers utilize as a solution to bowel issues.

Body Detox – Get One Done for Yourself

A body detox will help your body eliminate toxins, bad bacteria, and parasites or worms that have invaded it. Your organs will resume keeping you healthy after body detox is done.

Just what exactly is a body detox?

Body Detox is another name for detoxification a process to get rid of the deadly toxins that have entered your body through poor diet, medications, or environmental pollution. Oxidized fats, cholesterol, or health conditions like weak colon, indigestion, or kidney or liver malfunction can produce toxins or encourage them to multiply. The toxicity levels can be increased by the free radicals in your body.

If your organs do not work correctly, for instance, if there is a colon, kidney or skin malfunction, these toxins cannot be eliminated. This means that bodily wastes will accumulate around those organs, indicating the need for a body detox to bring them back to health.

The colon is the primary organ of elimination of bodily wastes and toxins, and is therefore the focus of this whole action. The ailing colon can have a negative impact on other organs, as well. It cannot expel fecal matter efficiently, and as a result, harmful parasites, bacteria and toxins collect there.

Water, lymphatic fluid, and blood can carry these damaging substances throughout the body. It is at this point that getting a thorough detox done with a good plan for a body detox or colon cleansing product becomes imperative.

How Do You Do a Body Detox?

A body detox can be conducted in stages. The colon should be detoxified first, then the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. Next, get a dental check up in case bad bacteria have caused tooth infections or cavities.

Starting a body detox with the colon, rather than the liver or kidneys, can be beneficial for a number of reasons. When you detox an organ, the toxins need to exit through the colon, so a well-functioning colon is needed. If the colon is in poor shape, the toxins can reenter the body instead of being expelled and cause further damage to your health.

Methods and Procedures for Body Detox

Natural methods of body detoxification involving diet and lifestyle changes are rapidly gaining popularity against the multitude of products available commercially. An effective body detox can be had by changing your lifestyle to include a diet of natural foods like fresh fruit, steamed vegetables, and lots of fiber coupled with lots of fresh, non-carbonated water and fruit or vegetable juice. Some cleansing plans advise complete or partial fasting, supplementing water or juice and sometimes herbal supplementation.

Despite the number of plans and products available, you should always consult with your doctor before starting a body detox. Even so, it’ll be good in the long run if you have a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

Problem with your Colon?

Not a Big Deal If It’s Not Cancer

Addressing a constant colon problem should be no bother if you can have a good colon cleansing and take the right treatment for a couple of days. In case it is cancer, things may be different.

Effect of a Bad Colon Problem

A bad colon can be the root of various diseases that can make your life unbearable. But a healthy colon can guard the body against pain, aches, and stress due to these diseases, help you in losing weight, enhance your memory, and keep your mood positive in most cases. If you are aware of this, then you will most likely take action to safeguard against the factors that are most likely to contribute to colon problems. For instance, eating right, drinking enough water, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can be key in avoiding colon problems.

Typical Colon Problems

Although the drawback of a bad colon is the onset of many ailments, the most typical problems associated with the colon are:

  • Constipation. A shortage of fiber in the diet is the usual cause of constipation. A specific colon problem can be dealt with by engaging in regular workouts and drinking non-carbonated water on a regular basis. Habitual use of laxatives will not solve the problem, and may even worsen it over time.
  • Hemorrhoidal Tissue. This is a common colon problem experienced by many on a regular basis. Hemorrhoids, or “piles”, are unusually enlarged veins inside the rectum. Usually associated with a lack of dietary fiber, hemorrhoids may be caused by bleeding, itching, or straining with elimination.
  • Appendicitis. This in a problem of the appendix due to inflammation and infection. Appendicitis is attributed to lack of fiber in the diet, in addition to the lack of friendly bacteria. If the condition is in advanced stages of infection when detected, immediate surgery could be required to correct it.
  • Colitis. Colitis is another one of those colon problems that when it turns ulcerative, may be corrected with surgery. Also known as colonitis, irritable bowel, or spastic colon, this gastrointestinal problem is basically an inflammation of the colon that can be due to constant stress.
  • Diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is characterized by sacs or pouches called diverticula which form on the wall of the colon. This problem is caused by greater than normal difficulties with constipation, and may result in terrific inflammation, bleeding, and pain.
  • Anal fissure. This is also a common problem linked to the colon, and occurs because of a tear in the anal tissue, is prone to bleeding, and is severely painful.
  • Enlarged Blood Vessels. Examples of these colon problems include varicose and spider veins, which are caused by lack of dietary fiber and straining at the stool, like hemorrhoids.
  • Prolapsed Colon. A prolapsed colon is a standard colon problem that is typically attributed to improper colon hygiene. Known also as fallen colon, or ptosis of the colon, this particular condition is indicated by a little downward shift of the organ.
Prevention of Colon Problems

You can cure a colon problem by adjusting your lifestyle and eating habits. Drinking water in amounts equal to half your body weight in ounces, daily, is required.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine and trying to eliminate stress from your life are very important as well. You should also avoid stress and engage in regular physical exercise.

Herbal Colon Cleanse: Know the Herbs That Bring You Succor

If you suffer from constipation, you should immediately start on an herbal colon cleanse to eliminate fecal waste products from your body. Otherwise you will find you have a bowel that is not functioning effectively,filled as it is with toxins, unfriendly bacteria and parasites, along with the impacted feces attached to your colon walls.

Herbal Colon Cleanse And Bowel Problems

The pollution of your body from a number of outside sources, like food, liquids, and the air, is a constant threat to your health. To eliminate these toxins, several different organs – specifically the kidneys, liver, colon, lymphatic system, pancreas, small intestines, gallbladder and spleen – all must function together seamlessly.

This means that detoxifying your body is really important. The detoxification process targets a weakened colon that is ineffective in voiding the toxins, bad bacteria, and parasites that can develop if the fecal material is not expelled. It is extremely important to get the accumulated hardened feces, and consequently the toxic matter, eliminated from your system.

There is a wide variety of colon cleansing products available, but you may find that an herbal colon cleanse is the perfect choice for you.

Key Ingredients In An Herbal Colon Cleanse

Herbal colon cleanses can be prepared with various combinations of herbal extracts. Some short descriptions (relating to how they affect the colon and digestive system) of the main herbs used in herbal

colon cleanse products are offered below:

  • Alfalfa. In addition to providing various health benefits, a product known as alfalfa also helps ease digestion and kill bad bacteria.
  • Psyllium Husk. This is among the best herbal colon cleanse products available, as it is a naturally occurring dietary fiber that can assist the elimination of feces through its lubricating properties. Psyllium husk is very helpful for a number of other stomach troubles as well.
  • Barberry Root. Barberry root helps to get rid of stagnant fecal matter in the colon, and increase bile flow.
  • Buckthorn Bark. Buckthorn Bark strengthens the digestive tract walls and helps to soften the stool to eliminate constipation.
  • Burdock Root. Not only is this herb an anti-bacterial, it is also thought to be good for digestion.
  • Black Walnut Hulls. This herb can effectively eliminate parasites, fungal infections, and tapeworms, as well as aid in digestive tract function.
  • Cayenne Fruit or Capsicum. Not only does it clean out the digestive tract, capsicum will also improve the functioning of other herbs by allowing them to be absorbed more easily by the body.
  • Triphala. Triphala is an Ayurvedic supplement, made up of three different extracts, and is an excellent herbal colon cleansing product.
  • Ginger Root. Ginger root is very helpful to the digestive process, and is beneficial to the entire gastrointestinal tract, even to the point of halting abdominal cramping.
  • Cascara Sagrada. Cascara Sagrada is very effective for strengthening the muscle walls of the intestinal tract, and aiding in digestion and elimination.
  • Passion Flower. Aids in digestion and eases cramps by calming the muscles.
  • Peach Leaves. Peach leaves have natural laxative properties.
  • Peppermint Leaf. It aids in stopping indigestion by calming the digestive system muscles.
  • Wormwood. Kills parasites and worms.
  • Slippery Elm Bark. The intestinal tract muscles become stronger and the swollen tissues become calmer.

Dosage and Formulation

By combining two or more herbs, the result is a better integrated herbal colon cleanse. However, in order to avoid any undesirable effect that may occur, you should not attempt to blend the herbs yourself.

The fact that people have a lot of trust in herbal colon cleanse products has been a subject of criticism. Therefore, check with your physician to become better informed on the subject before you decide to use an herbal colon cleanse.