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Male Pattern Baldness: What Is It and How Is It Treated?

Male Pattern Baldness: What Is It and How Is It Treated?

The Truth about Male Pattern Baldness – A common condition amongst men, male pattern baldness usually starts with the crown’s thinning of hair or the front part of the scalp’s diminishing hairline. Research and science reveal that hormones and genetic tendencies are the largest causes of men’s balding.

Male Pattern BaldnessIn general, each hair strand grows for about 2-6 years at the rate of around an inch in the span of a few months prior to falling out of its follicle. While people age, the new hair strands that grow within such follicles become thinner due to these follicles’ shrinkage. In both males and females who experience loss of hair, their hair strands do not grow anymore because the follicles become very small.

The usual process of hair loss is typically slow, with an individual losing just a few strands every time. Frequently, men notice their respective hair loss in the piling up their hair strands in their individual combs’ teeth or in shower drains. Unusual occurrences in males’ baldness are when the hair loss happens in patches or when such includes pain, scaling, redness, or changing progressions. Any male who notices any of these signs must immediately consult a dermatological specialist or doctor.

Though losing of hair is actually normal for nearly all men, this condition also brings about psychosocial problems like anxiety, low self-esteem, and stress, aside from the unified physical problem. If left untreated, these psychosocial problems can worsen and can eventually cause bigger problems.

Hair Loss Treatment

Cosmetic reasons are the common factors why hair loss is treated. A number of men treat their individual loss of hair by using hairpieces or through hairstyle changes.

Meanwhile, minoxidil (Rogaine), an over-the-counter solution, is directly applied to the scalp in order to assist in stimulating the hair follicles. This solution slows down most men’s hair loss and even regrows some men’s hair. However, when the treatment is stopped, the hair loss comes back.

Furthermore, finasteride or Propecia and Proscar, a prescription pill, works similarly with minoxidil, but oftentimes with better outcomes. But, just the same, the loss of hair resumes if the treatment is stopped.

Lastly, hair implants are the removal of other body parts’ tiny plugs of hair that are to be implanted into the head’s balding spots. Whilst infection and scarring may happen, hair implants frequently produce permanent and positive results after multiple treatments.