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Having a Healthy Colon

One of the most important and sometimes overlooked area of the human body is the colon. This area of the body is often overlooked and ignored because it is not exactly a pleasant thing to talk about on a daily basis. The colon is so important to the body because it allows a person to pass waste out of the body, hopefully with ease. If the colon is obstructed, the person could be constipated for a short amount of time or even longer if the obstruction is a serious problem such as colon cancer. The colon is not only used for waste disposal but also as a large storage area for water. The colon, which most people do not realize, can hold water up to eight times the amount that the rest of the body can absorb during a single day.

Healthy Colon There are two major parts of the colon that help the body stay healthy. Those two parts of the colon are known as the distal colon and the ascending colon. The distal colon has a primary function of excreting waste while the ascending colon has a primary function of absorbing the materials needed by the body such as bile salts and electrolytes. The best way to keep the colon healthy is to eat a good diet, exercise, get enough sleep at night and by living an overall healthy lifestyle. Anyone interested in improving the health of their colon should not smoke excessively or drink too heavily as these two habits could increase the risk of developing colon-related diseases or colon cancer somewhere down the road.

Scientists have found a link between bad breath, acne, and spider veins and the colon. All three of these problems can be caused by a malfunction within the colon if the colon is not kept healthy by the person suffering from these afflictions. The colon helps to rid the body of unneeded waste, which means that it cleanses the body on a daily basis. If the colon is not healthy enough to rid the body of all the unneeded waste then the bacteria associated with that waste can eventually harm the body. Doctors recommend that patients do the following to keep their colon as healthy as possible:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep an ideal weight for your height and body type.
  • Eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruit each day.
  • Fat intake should be limited to no more than 30 percent of a person’s total daily calories.

If a patient does all of the above and still cannot keep their colon healthy or rid themselves of constipation then there could be an underlying and possibly more serious cause of the problem. If problems of an unhealthy colon continue to persist then the patient should consult with his or her physician immediately to have tests performed. Serious colon problems include colorectal cancer, which is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths each year in the United States. Each year more than 150,000 people in the country are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Vital Tips To Maintain Healthy Colon

Having healthy colon is the secret to long-term health. The colon, or large intestine, is the place where the produce of the digestion exits the body. Due to poor consumption habits, most people suffer from a clogged or unhygienic colon and by consuming healthy diet in your meal plans can help avert this condition. What happens is that food substances become trapped in the lining of colon and begin to rot and decompose over time. They may also calcify and become hardened, remaining in the colon for weeks, months and even years.

Vital Tips To Maintain Healthy Colon

The kind of food and the amount of food eaten are great concerns in regard to the health of colon. One can argue the validity of a vegan or a vegetarian diet but nobody can refuse the potential benefits of such a diet and how they affect the cleanliness of the colon.

Any sort of animal based food is tougher to digest when compared with plant based foods. Consequently, when considering what kind of colon healthy recipes to prepare for eating, remember this in mind. Thinking vegetarian, at least for a little while, can lead to extraordinary benefits on overall health.

So embark on fruits and vegetables. These foods are very colon friendly and can be processed very easily by your body’s digestive system. Fruits and vegetables are filled with a abundant amount of vitamins and other nutrients that lead to superior health. They also have an great quantity of fiber. As fiber is an intestinal bulking agent and facilitates to pass food that has not been eliminated by the colon.

So from now onwards in breakfast try a fruit salad or a bagel with peanut or almond butter. Fruit juice is also very good to drink first thing in the morning as well as drinking a lot of water due to being able to begin the cleansing process.

Where is comes to lunch, try a vegetable salad. Go for a good quality lettuce such as romaine or even spinach for the main bulk of the salad and then as many different types of vegetables as desired. Broccoli, kale, carrots or cauliflower are all great additions to any salad. Also olives, artichokes or any sort of green vegetable will do the best for body. Try using olive oil or some vinegar as the salad dressing. Avoid using the prepackaged substitutes as these have synthetic chemicals and large amount of calories.

Snacks can comprise of raw or unsalted almonds and also another fruit smoothie. You can also cut up some celery to have with a nut spread like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just avoid processed foods and meat for a few days and see the outcome.

Now come the dinner, have some fresh sea fish if you need more protein and another salad or juice smoothie. You can also have a mixed vegetable plate with broccoli, zucchini, carrots or even some corn. Corn is a grain and is great for the colon as in cooked rice or potatoes, if at all possible boiled.

Fitting in colon healthy recipes and meals into your daily eating will have constructive effects on many aspects of your life.