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Question: Not only have I started seeing annoying dimples forming on my thighs over the past few years, I have also noticed that my skin has started to look loose and wrinkly. I was at the drugstore the other day and saw Nivea, My Silhouette, which claimed to firm skin and reduce cellulite. These claims sound too good to be true! Does this product really do all it says?


Answer: As women age they seem to get hit with not only Cellulite but also sagging skin with loss of firmness. This is a common problem. Nivea’s My Silhouette claims to be able to combat these problems in two ways. Firstly, Nivea contains white tea extract, a product that the manufacturers claim helps slim fat cells and prevent re-growth of fatty deposits. Secondly, Nivea asserts that Anise extract is helpful in aiding the body to produce more collagen, making skin appear firmer. According to the website, a test of 171 women produced a 68% satisfaction rate when used properly.

Although this Nivea product cites satisfaction ratings of women, there is no information on who conducted the study or if the results were independently generated. There is also no scientific findings listed on the site regarding the usefulness of the active ingredients in treating cellulite or aging skin, nor is there an ingredient list. Although the cost of this product is relatively reasonable, there is little to suggest that this product will solve your cellulite issues.

Francis Peterson, our respected beauty expert, did a fantastic review on anti-cellulite creams and their actual effectiveness in a recent feature, the results are quite surprising.