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Anti-Cellulite Cream –What’s to Know?

Anywhere between 80-90% of women suffer from cellulite to some degree. While some find it a mild annoyance, other women dread facing warmer weather and more revealing clothes due to the severity of their cellulite. However, there is hope. In addition to a diet big on leafy, green, vegetables, lean cuts of poultry, salmon, and other oily fishes, and plenty of varied fruits, especially berries, as well as the right exercises and adequate hydration, the right anti-cellulite cream can play an important role in your challenge to minimize ugly cottage cheese skin.

Anti-Cellulite Cream –What’s to Know?

The best anti-cellulite cream is one that works both topically and in the subcutaneous layer of your skin to shrink fat deposits, tighten your skin, and resurface the skin to a smoother look and feel. This top quality anti-cellulite cream will contain ingredients like caffeine, glaucine, coenzyme-A, and vitamins C and E, among others. These ingredients have been proven effective in reducing the look and feel of cellulite and creating more even, healthier looking skin. Whichever anti-cellulite cream you decide on, keep in mind that results will not happen overnight. While some creams may take as little as two weeks to show positive results, often you must wait 4-6 weeks until you see changes.

When comparing anti-cellulite creams in reviews, there were several that continuously came out on top. In one review RevitaShape received a score of 10 out of 10 for smoothing and firming, reducing fat, quick results, and overall effectiveness. Cellulite MD came in a close second with a score of 9.75 and was only penalized for a slower result rate. And, coming in third with a solid score of 9.25 was Revitol. All three of these anti-cellulite creams contain natural ingredients, are safe to use daily and have shown proven results in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Any of these three would work well as the anti-cellulite cream to add to your daily regimen.

Cellulite is something that a lot of women just can’t avoid. Due to hereditary and hormonal factors, as well as lifestyle decisions, cellulite will always be a problem and therefore the market will always be saturated with products promising to eliminate cellulite. If you take your time in choose the right anti-cellulite cream, you will find you are more than pleased with the results. Review the products you’re interested in closely and choose the anti-cellulite cream you think will most meet your needs when combine with a healthy diet and exercise. Remember, results don’t happen overnight, but they will happen.