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The Best Skin Care Tips

You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to have great skin. You just have to be aware of certain things related to your skin. Essentially, you need to be healthy in order to have healthy and great-looking skin. In this article, let’s take a look at the best skin care tips to have radiant and younger-looking skin.

Use Sunscreen

Best Skin Care Tips

If you want to stop aging, the best way is to avoid sun exposure. Since this is impossible, the next best thing is wearing the appropriate sunscreen depending on how long you will be exposed to the sun. Many studies have indicated that sun exposure is among the main causes of skin aging. By using the right sunscreen, you can considerably delay the development of skin aging.

Change Your Diet

According to studies, French fries can really cause pimples and breakouts. However, it is not the fat that causes such skin problems but it is the potato. Several studies indicate that simple carbohydrates like white bread, sweets, pasta, rice and potatoes causes an increase in insulin levels which sets off a series of other reactions that lead to breakouts. Instead of simple carbohydrates, go for complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole-grain bread and whole wheat pasta. This is one of the best skin care tips that can prevent breakouts.

Start Using Wrinkle Creams

Experts suggest that the most skin damage occurs when a person is in his/her teens and twenties. This is why by the time you reach your 30s signs of skin aging are already starting to develop and may even start appearing. This is why even if you’re in your 30s you should already be using a good wrinkle cream to repair the damage, prevent further damage and delay the appearance of signs of skin aging as long as possible. When these signs of skin aging start to appear, it is usually too late and the time needed to minimize or get rid of these will be considerably longer.

Stop Smoking

Many studies suggest that smoking is one of the main causes of wrinkles. This is because smoking causes the small blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin to become smaller which then significantly decreases blood flow. The result is a lower oxygen supply to the skin and less nutrients which are vital for skin health. Smoking also damages important skin fibers namely elastin and collagen which give the skin elasticity and strength. Not smoking is one of the best skin care tips around.

Treat the Skin Gently

One of the most common ways we damage our skin is by exposing it to harsh conditions and chemicals like strong soaps and hot water. Also be aware of the skin care products that may be damaging your skin. These can significantly decrease the skin’s natural protection making it more prone to dryness and damage.

Organic Sunscreen vs Inorganic Sunscreen: Which One Should You Choose?

Regardless of gender, race or age or the color of your skin, sunscreen should be an integral part of your daily outdoor regime. The harmful UV, or ultra violet, rays of the sun can penetrate through the clouds even on the most overcast days. It can cause your skin to turn differing and alarming shades of red as it ‘burns’ especially on hot and sunny days. Getting sunburn, or even just regularly tanning, is no joke. Any UV rays that can permeate the skin’s surface can cause it to age prematurely. Burning the skin or frequent tanning can also greatly increase the risk of cancer due to the UV rays.

Organic Sunscreen vs Inorganic Sunscreen: Which One Should You Choose?

This all factors in as to why sunscreen is so important. Sunscreen is a substance applied to the skin designed to block the harmful UV rays. Each sunscreen is rated with a sun block factor, also and more commonly known as the “SPF”. The sun protection factor determines how much coverage the sunblocking lotion can provide. The higher the SPF, the more protection you have from UV rays.

Organic products are steadily increasing in popularity on a daily basis. This may cause you to wonder if there is a significant difference between organic sunscreen and the regular sunscreen you are used to using year after year.

Inorganic Sunscreen vs. Organic Sunscreen

Ultimately the difference between the two comes down to inorganic sunscreens use of chemicals. Some of the ingredients used in traditional sunscreens are highly toxic and have some people questioning what is more harmful, the sun or the sunscreen. Many people have stopped using sunblock all together, claiming that the toxic ingredients are much more detrimental to their health than the sun.

Some of the ingredients that are considered toxic are:

  • a substance used to block UV rays. This substance is mixed with nitrates, which then forms nitrosamines, a cancer-causing, or carcinogenic, product.
  • a substance used to absorb harmful UVB rays. This substance breaks down into free radicals which then attack healthy living cells. It contributes to cancer and premature aging.
  • this substance is thought to be the most dangerous of them all as it is both a mutagen and a carcinogenic. PABA has the capacity to damage DNA, which can create numerous health problems, which is especially detrimental to children.

There are many other toxic ingredients in inorganic sunscreens that will disrupt hormones, break down into free radicals and has an estrogenic effect in humans.

True organic sunscreen does not use any of the toxic and harmful chemicals listed above, and replaces them with an all natural substitute. Organic sunscreen uses plant derivatives, minerals and herbs to block out UV rays. Many organic sunscreen use titanium dioxide as a main ingredient. Titanium dioxide is a non-toxic mineral that can block out the sun’s harmful rays. Zinc Oxide is another commonly used ingredient found in organic sunscreens.

Now that you know the differences and are better able to make an educated decision about organic sunscreens and inorganic sunscreens, use caution if you decide to go with an organic sunscreen. Many products claim to be organic, or “made from organic ingredients” but are not purely organic and will try to sneak in harmful chemicals like those listed above, like benzophenone or PABA. Read the ingredient list carefully and skip any products that use toxins in their product. It may be hard to find truly organic sunscreens, but it is worth both the time and effort. The best places to find organic sunscreens and other healthy products for all your summer needs are at health stores, or at natural online sites.