Taking Care Of Age Spots And Sun Spots

Time goes by and we begin to notice the appearance of spots and freckles in all the places that are exposed to the suns harmful rays and are clearly visible like the back of both hands and the back of the neck as well as our faces and upper chest areas. At first glance the spots are small and hardly noticeable, colored a light brown and do not appear to be a problem. But a little further investigation makes it possible to see that these spots can and probably will become a cosmetic problem in the future. Sun exposure causes damage to our skin over time and these spots are evidence that our skin is aging and not handling the ultra violet rays as well as when we were younger.

Taking Care Of Age Spots And Sun Spots

Sunscreens seem to be the way to go and there are many modern sunscreens like Ombrelle-60™ and Anthelios-60™ that are safe to use. These creams if used daily will make it possible for us all to enjoy an active life both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about damaging our skin. There are even products that combine retinoid with a 15+ sunscreen that can be applied to the exposed areas every morning and these products (usually prescription products) can stop the aging of your skin and leave you looking great.

A hat is always recommended when spending long hours outdoors in the sun and there are protective clothings that are made from light fabrics that can help to reduce the rate in which sun spots make themselves visible. Wearing such protection is a good habit to get into and will dramatically reduce the chances of you developing harmful, unsightly spots that could potentially turn in to skin cancer.

There are signs that can be easily seen relating to skin cancer and if these signs are seen early and treated, there is little chance of getting skin cancer.

  • Any new spots or unusual lumps on or under the skin
  • The discoloration of freckles and moles and the irregularity of borders around freckles and moles
  • Growths on the surface of your skin that are irritating and or itching that bleed and or become a sore.

Should you ever find a sore that is bleeding and irritating that does not heal with a week or so, you should see a doctor.

For those that are already inflicted with sun spots and age spots, please take comfort in knowing that with care and treatment it is possible for these spots and the damage done to your skin to be reversed. It just requires you to use sun protection daily and in a matter of time (3 to 5 years) you will see positive results. Anyone that is looking for a much faster solution for removing age spots and sun spots can take comfort in knowing that laser treatment is a good (expensive) way to eliminate them.