The Risks of Heart Diseases

Research has shown that natural foods help to reduce the risks of having diseases after only thirty days.

The Risks of Heart DiseasesResearchers have also discovered that consuming natural foods can help reduce the number of deaths caused by deadly diseases that claim millions of lives yearly. Further research has also revealed that consuming meals of poor nutritional value can cause great damages on several genes in our body. These damages are capable of affecting our hereditary information. Foods that should be totally eliminated from our diet plans include foods rich in sugar, processed carbohydrates and fats treated with hydrogen. Consuming these foods has the tendency of causing inflammation of our body organs. Inflammation causes the release of toxic chemical substances that can also result to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease symptoms, Alzheimer disease and Metabolic syndrome. Changing your diet plan can help meaningfully in reducing the risks of having these dangerous sicknesses within a short time.

Natural Foods That Can Be Mixed To Improve Your Health

Researches carried out by experts at Lund University Sweden have revealed that there are certain food combinations that can greatly improve one’s health diseases. The research was conducted on 44 adults who were aged between fifty and seventy five. These adults were fed with foods rich in antioxidants and low in glycemic index. They were fed with foods such as barley and vinegar for about twenty eight days.

Great Results after Thirty Days

At the end of the four-week test, it was proven that meals have a huge influence on all biological markers that are connected with inflammation, blood clotting and amount of sugar in the blood. Results showed that the total amount of lipids in the blood can increase by fourteen percent while blood pressure and the oxidized LDL cholesterol can reduce by eight percent and thirty three percent respectively. Inflammation was reduced on the systems of the adults that were tested while their cognitive powers became better. The research was actually a huge achievement and one of the most successful ones of similar researches.

The Possibility of Paleo Diets in Solving Diabetes and Heart Disease Problems

Some more researches have also revealed that consuming natural foods such as those consumed by our ancestors are essential for preventing diabetes and heart disease risk. When man was evolving, he ate foods rich in vegetables and these were helpful in controlling his blood sugar level and insulin function. These foods were good because they were slow in releasing carbohydrates.

The University in Lund conducted another test to know the effect of Paleo diets on the blood sugar level. They found out that taking the diet for three months can improve the blood sugar content by twenty six percent. The absence of grains in Paleo diets is what makes it very helpful.

Healthy meals really have their own contributions for heart disease treatments. Generally, healthy meals are those that are not processed and they are also helpful in treatments for coronary heart disease. Nevertheless, they are beneficial for prolonging one’s lifespan.