Tips for Diabetic Nail Care & Feet Protection

Diabetes affects nerve endings, which affects the ability of the patient to sense and feel properly. The body may not feel a crack in nails very quickly. Similarly, it may not feel increase or decrease in temperature very quickly. This means a wound on the foot can end up as ulcers due to delays. The delay need not be intentional. The individual may just not feel the wound early enough. Such a wound will take more time to get cured. Thick blood vessels often affect circulation of blood, especially in your legs. The combination of lowered sensation, longer wounds and decreased blood circulation can lead to dangerous complications. Ignoring these issues can even end up in amputation of a limb.

Tips for Diabetic Nail Care & Feet Protection

The best way to tackle this problem is to keep sugar levels in blood and blood pressure under control at all times. Proper feet care is also very important. Take all necessary precautions to ensure your feet are taken care of well. Just read ahead and know more about diabetic nail care and feet care tips.

Normal Foot Care Tips:

  • Wash the feet regularly with lukewarm water. Use a mild natured soap as well. Try to test warmth with an elbow or hand before dipping the feet.
  • Use a soft towel and dry all parts of the feet. Give special attention to toes and webbing.
  • Visual examination is a must for nail care. Focus on your skin, nails and webbing. Look for wounds, discolouring, cracks and dryness.
  • Treat dryness with help of lotions. Do not stuff the lotion in or between toes. This may cause infections.
  • Any symptom of infection must be treated immediately. Do not hesitate to contact doctor as early as possible.
  • Nail care is a must. Keep the nails trimmed at all times. Do not cut deep in corners. Never cut the skin. Trim nails after taking a bath. This will keep skin soft and nails can be cut easily. Never hesitate soaking the feet in water for some time. Get very thick nails trimmed by a medical expert.
  • In growth of toenail should be reported to doctor. Look for swelling or redness at all times.
  • Seek help from family member if eyesight is not very strong.
  • Corns, calluses and other such problems may occur. Never cut it off. Seek medical advice instead. Use feet protection to ensure these problems do not recur.

Preventive Measures

  • Extreme variation in temperatures are not good for nail care. Avoid wet feet by keeping your feet covered. Not doing so may cause infections. Keep the feet protected from the sun with help of a proper lotion.
  • Heating pads and like are best avoided as far as the feet are concerned. Smoking is bad because it hampers blood circulation. Try not to cross your legs as well.
  • Get feet checked by a doctor every time you make a visit.
  • Never hesitate to seek medical advice. Do not feel ashamed for frequent consultation.
  • Blood sugar level rise may lead to infections. Try seeking medical advice as early as possible to tackle potential complications early.