Tips For Nail Care

Normally we abuse our hands and fingernails daily. Take a deep breath and consider what you indulge your hands in daily. We dip them in hot water as we bath, wash our hands and clean our utensils. We also stick them in cold water during the cold winter season. Our hands and nails handle all types of temperatures, climates and materials. Small wonder then that women have nails that often chip, break and crack.

Tips For Nail Care

However, it is possible to have great nails that can grow without chipping off. Although it may seem inevitable, there are certain measures and factors that you may put into consideration to keep your nails strong and beautiful. Following are the nail care tips that will help you attain your dream of long and beautiful nails.

Nail Length

First, choose a decent length for your nails. This does not imply the length you desire since your length choice may be unrealistic. Think about the activities you engage in daily and especially your profession. If you indulge and handle many things at the workplace frequently or if you are a typist this means your nails are tapping and frequently touching many things. Having long nails at such a situation would be unrealistic and inconvenient. However, it is about time to consider a sustainable nail length.

You might desire nails that are three inch long. However, such nail lengths are not realistic. A real nail length of half an inch or one inch is easily manageable when you practice appropriate nail maintenance on regularly. Nail length beyond this measure are susceptible to cracking and very uncomfortable to manage.

Nail Cuticle Care

Make sure you keep the nail cuticle moisturized. The thin piece of skin that overlays the top of a finger nail is called the cuticle. This skin is very important as it protects the nail bed from debris, dirt deposits and prevents fungus to grow from moisture on the nails. Dried up and damaged cuticle is unhealthy as it exposes your nails. It is commended to moisturize your nail cuticles along with your hands. Special cuticle creams are also available that you can apply to seal in the moisture in your cuticles. Waxy textured creams are the best as they repel dirt and water.

Filing Techniques

While you are filing your nails do it in one direction only. The back and forth sawing is wrong method of filing nails and is not recommended. Such filing technique destroys the integrity of the nails leaving it vulnerable to cracking and splitting. Train yourself to do it from one direction.

Nail Basecoat Application

For those who love to wear nail polish quite often it is healthy to put on a base coat first before you apply any other shades. This coat contains nail strengthening ingredients that boost nail growth and meet your desire for long beautiful nails. The base also protects your nails from being tarnished by the nail polish. However, you do not need to spend a lot on base coat. There is a variety of cheap basecoat available in your drug store. Shop around and find the best base coat. Following such simple nail tips care will ensure you long, strong and beautiful nails.