Top 3 Acne Myths and Misconceptions

Acne is a very prevalent skin condition and it is also the hardest to cure. For the most part, people who are affected by this condition are confused as to how this can be prevented and how to cure existing acne. In order to successfully tackle this problem it is important that you understand its real causes and which myths and misconceptions you should forget about.

Here are the top 3 acne myths and misconceptions:

Constant Cleansing is Best for Acne

Top 3 Acne Myths and Misconceptions

While it is important to keep your face clean by regularly washing it, there is no truth to the notion that cleansing and scrubbing will help in getting rid of acne. The skin naturally produces oil and constant cleaning strips it of all moisture. When this happens, the skin would naturally secrete more oil in order to compensate for the loss which means the face get more greasy thereby inviting the onset of more serious acne.

Make sure you do not wash your face too much every day. It would also be wise to use mild soap or hypoallergenic facial cleanser.

Using Make Up is Prohibited if You Have Acne

This is something that many women believe in especially those who experience severe acne problems. The truth, however, is that you can still use make up as long as you choose the right kind. Non-comedogenic cosmetic products are most recommended for people with acne because they do not cause the pores to get clogged up which increases the likelihood of developing acne.

Also make sure that you do not have an existing allergy to cosmetic products to prevent any and all adverse effects on the skin.

Overweight People are at Higher Risk of Getting Acne

This is among the most outrageous acne myths around since there is absolutely no correlation between obesity and acne triggers. However, since there are studies proving that some food products can worsen acne, it is best that you start choosing better things to eat.