Top 8 Factors Why Your Eyelashes Fall Out

Grooming is an extensive process of keeping the body clean and tidy. This involves all the parts of the body regardless of the size or location. In particular, many people lay a lot of emphasis on their facial grooming. Maybe it is because your face constitutes your first appearance or maybe it is because your face is the first thing people see. All in all, this action is justified not only to maintain a healthy skin but also to keep your facial hairs clean, fresh and healthy. The main aim is to enhance beauty.

Eyelashes Fall Out

It is noted that most people are keen on caring for their hair. However, they seem to forget that the lashes on our faces are equally as important as the hair on our heads if not more important. For many people, caring for the lashes is as simple as rinsing the face and applying eye makeup. This is a misconception that has led to a lot of damage onto the eyelashes. The lashes, if not properly taken care can suffer from thinning and brittleness. As a result, the lashes may begin to fall out. This may affect your facial appearance. On a more serious level, the loss of eyelashes allows the eyes to be more vulnerable to external factors leading to conditions such as infections amongst others.

There are various factors that may cause the eyelashes to fall out. These factors include:

1. Natural Loss

Not all hair losses are associated with artificial effects or allergies. Just as skin cells age and fall out, so does the hair on our bodies. The eyelashes are no different. As we age, so do the lashes. They become old and weak and as a result, they fall out. This happens so that new lashes can replace the old ones. Unless the loss of lashes through this process is excessive, there is no cause of alarm as this is a common natural process experienced by many if not all people.

2. Rubbing And Tagging On The Lashes

This condition whereby a person pulls on their own lashes is known as Trichotillomania. This is a disorder whereby the individual cannot control himself or herself when it comes to pulling on their hair. The condition may start as early as childhood in some people while in others, it may begin at puberty or adolescence. A person with this condition will pull on their hair including the eyelashes removing them from the root.

3. Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a condition characterized by the swelling of the eyelids as a result of presence of excessive skin bacteria. The condition is also caused by blockage in the oil glands located in the eyelids. This causes the eyelids to become itchy hence lashes falling out.

4. Hyperthyroidism

This is a condition where the thyroids can be either overactive or under active. The overactive thyroid glands are heat sensitive and can result into a variety of problems. The under active glands are sensitive to cold conditions and exhibit cold related symptoms. Both conditions can lead to the loss of eyelashes due to the thinning of the lashes which eventually become brittle and fall off.

5. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is the loss of hair affecting the entire body including the eyelashes. The condition is as a result of the body’s immune system attacking the hair follicles. This is a serious condition and as such, the victim should seek medical assistance from a physician.

6. Chemotherapy

As much as chemotherapy is a useful medical process when managing cancer, it has a lot of negative effects on the patients. One of the most visible adverse effects is the loss of hair. This affects the whole body.

7. Allergy

Allergies can arise in different ways. Allergies to natural factors such as dust can lead to inflammation. In turn, the lashes begin to fall out. Another common source of allergies is through the use of eye make-up with harmful or allergenic compounds. Make-up such as mascara, especially those of low quality could lead to allergies that may result in the falling out of eyelashes. To help prevent allergic reactions, it is important to ensure that you use quality make-up including eyelash enhancers. It is also necessary to get rid of old make-up older that 5 months.

8. Solutions To Eyelash Fall Out

All hope is not lost. There are ways in which fallen eyelashes can be regrown and rejuvenated faster and healthier. The simplest of solutions is through the use of eyelash growth products such as eyelash enhances. However, one should ensure that these products are of the highest quality to avoid adverse effects.

Our lashes are an important aspect on our faces. Not only do they enhance beauty, they also perform numerous functions. Of these functions, protecting the eye is the most important. The lashes protect the inner eye from damage from external factors such as dust and other debris. This helps to prevent eye related conditions and diseases. As such, it is very necessary to take good care of your lashes. Eye care goes beyond hygiene. It also includes eating a healthy diet and the use of quality eye make-up. The secret to preventing eyelash falling out is by maintaining a high hygienic level, maintaining healthy lashes and using high quality products on your eyes. Observing these aspects will not only prevent eyelashes from falling out, but also act as eyelash enhancers. Note that excessive eyelash loss should always be attended to by a qualified physician.