Why Should You Buy Total Body Purge?

Total Body Purge – At a Glance

North American Herb and Spice Company are the makers of Total Body Purge. They also sell homeopathic remedies such as Oregano Oil. They appear to be strongly associated with Dr. Cass Ingram, a specialist in Osteopathy and author of a few health books which include ‘Eat Right 4 Your Metabolic Type’ and ‘The Cure Is In The Cupboard.’

The North American Herb and Spice Company website doesn’t contain much individual product information. The website has not completed the links to testimonials and FAQ sections, however there is some information on the company and stores that sell the product.

The focus of the Total Body Purge is to give energy, support and enhance the digestive system while at the same time detoxifying the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and colon. Customers have the option of using it for complete detoxification or as a tonic to be taken for twelve consecutive days.

Total Body Purge – Facts

Total Body Purge

It’s unknown how much of the ingredients are used in the product because Total Body Purge is a proprietary blend. The mixture is made up of essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins which include Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil, Raw High Bush Cranberry extract, Dandelion and Burdock Leaf, Nettles, Fireweed extract, Sage Oil, Rosemary oil, Fennel and Cilantro. These ingredients are cell regenerating, diuretic, and intestinal cleansers and detoxifiers.

The liquid version of this product can be added to beverages or food. For a daily cleanse, it is suggested that you take one tablespoon at breakfast time; for a more thorough cleanse, the dosage is one ounce daily for twelve days.

Total Body Purge – Positive Features

  • The creator, Doctor Cass Ingram, is a highly regarded author who has written many publications, and often appears on health programs.
  • Total Body Purge is formulated entirely from natural constituents.
  • It’s a good product for anyone who doesn’t like taking pills.
  • You only need to take Total Body Purge once every day.
  • You can use it every day as a tonic, or otherwise as a total detox treatment.

Total Body Purge – Negative Features

  • The manufacturer’s website does not contain a lot of content since it’s in the process of being built.
  • The company does not disclose the amount of the ingredients.
  • There is no information provided about the function of each ingredient.
  • Headache, bloating and a feeling of ‘fullness’ are common side effects caused by the Total Body Purge.
  • At $63.99 for a 12 oz. bottle, the product is very pricey.
  • No advice about incorporating exercise or a healthy diet is given.
  • There are no free trial offers and no discounts are available, except what specials the retailer may offer.
Total Body Purge – Conclusion

It would be really nice if more information was given about Total Body Purge, as it looks very promising. It’s difficult to gauge accurately, since amounts of the ingredients are unknown.

To sum up, Total Body Purge could be a bit too pricey to try without knowing more about it.