Why Should You Buy Total Cleanse?

Total Cleanse – At a Glance

Total Cleanse appears to be riding the wave of interest in colon cleansing that has hit North America. Diseases of the colon, including cancer, are becoming more prevalent in North America, and many products like Total Cleanse are claiming to produce benefits such as weight loss, illness prevention, clearer skin, and an increase in energy. The website for Total Cleanse describes the problems that may result from an unhealthy intestinal tract, but does not give much information about the product itself. Sources such as CNN, CBS, and Web MD are cited to add credibility, and it even claims that Total Cleanse appeared on Oprah, although they offer no proof. Total Cleanse reduces gas and bloating, and is supposed to rid the body of toxins and parasites in addition to the waste built up due to a lack of activity and the constant intake of processed food. It is claimed that using Total Cleanse will allow you to lose between 10-15 lbs in just two weeks, but this is far above the medically recommended rate of weight loss (which is 1-2 pounds/week.)

There are a few additional websites for Total Cleanse, one of which is more of a blog. Clinical trial results are non-existent, however, there is an informational section on frequently asked questions. There are testimonials on every site, but none of them have before/after photos, and only talk about the amount of energy they have gained.

Total-cleanse – Facts

Total Cleanse

Although there are numerous websites for Total Cleanse, none of them gives any information as to what the ingredient are. The capsules probably include fiber although the form and quantity are not listed. It is troubling that there is no list of ingredients provided, especially for people who might have life threatening allergies to certain food products. The product also lacks dosage information, so it is unknown how much of the product to take and for how long.

Total-cleanse – Positive Features

  • The website for Total Cleanse warns you of the dangers of having an unhealthy colon.
  • Healthy fibrous ingredients are probably in this product.
  • It has been created to cleanse the colon, decrease weight and promote energy.
  • Total Cleanse offers a risk free trial.
  • There are customer testimonials available on the website.

Total-cleanse – Negative Features

  • There is no information with regard to ingredients.
  • A FAQ section was not provided on their website.
  • SFL Nutrition, the maker of the product, has received many complaints from consumers.
  • No evidence from clinical trials is provided.
  • The trial period starts within 15 days of ordering.
  • The product may be returned but large fees for restocking and administration do apply.
  • Weight loss rates that are claimed are not considered medically safe.
  • The price of Total Cleanse is high at $78.84 each month.
  • Enrollment in the automatic delivery service takes effect unless cancellation is done promptly.
  • The website does not list any directions for doses and amounts.
Total-cleanse – Conclusion

This is not a recommended product due to the considerable number of negative reviews it has received. It is amazing that a manufacturer would think consumers will buy a product without a list of ingredients.

The free trial offer seems tempting, but it should be noted that there have been many complaints from customers about being able to cancel the trial and avoid paying full price.