Treating Crows Feet or Wrinkles

Nobody wants to look older and one of the inevitable signs of aging is wrinkles, also known as laugh lines or crow’s feet which appear around the eyes. These lines are no laughing matter when you have them and they can also be made worse by an unhealthy or stressful lifestyle, which can also age the skin prematurely.

Treating Crows Feet or WrinklesIt is not just getting older that causes crows feet. These annoying little lines can also be caused by such things as squinting, smoking, over exposure to the sun and even sleeping on your face. There are basic steps you can take to prevent them from appearing or getting worse, such as protecting your face while you are out in the sun and giving up smoking.

Of course, everyone develops crows feet sooner or later and to a large extent, they are inevitable. However, their appearance can be minimized and in extreme cases, it is even possible to have professional treatment to remove them, at least on a temporary basis.

Home Remedies

If you are just starting to notice crows feet around your eyes, there are some home remedies that you can try to at least ensure they are not quite as noticeable. In general, once you have these lines, they are stubborn and are not particularly easy to get rid of without having expert help.

Many over the counter medications designed for wrinkles treatment claim to totally remove wrinkles, although in reality they will simply reduce any puffiness and help to reduce the effect of fine lines. If you apply eye creams on a regular basis, you should see some improvement in your appearance as these creams tend to add essential moisture to otherwise dry areas of skin. Eye cream should be applied to any affected area on a regular basis.

Eating certain foods are also said to help treat wrinkles and crows feet, including raspberries, strawberries and cranberries. These fruits all contain antioxidants, which are beneficial to the skin and are generally healthy to eat anyway.

Treating Crows Feet Professionally

If you feel the need for more thorough treatment for your wrinkles or crows feet, you should consult with your doctor. He or she may suggest various treatments, including Botox, collagen injections or laser resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing involves painlessly taking away the outer layers of the skin and smoothing and tightening it, thus reducing the signs of aging and removing any pores. This type of treatment can be used for your entire face, as well as other areas of the body. However, once you have had this treatment, you will have to avoid sunlight and will have sensitive skin for at least several weeks.

Collagen injections work by filling in the tiny cracks that are causing the wrinkles and they can be used for crows feet as well as the lips. One disadvantage is that the results are just temporary and may only last a few weeks or months, depending on your genetic background, lifestyle and skin type. With any medical procedure, and particularly with collagen, always make sure you understand the risks involved before making a decision.

Everybody has heard how effective Botox injections are and since it has been approved by the FDA, it is not just celebrities who are using it and more and more people are appreciating its benefits. Botox removes wrinkles by causing a temporary paralysis which weakens the muscles. It may take a few weeks for improvements to appear and you may also have to repeat the procedure every few months, as just like collagen, the results may be wonderful, but are unfortunately only temporary.