Ways Swimmers of Katy can Improve Breathing

We are born with a body that allows us to walk on the land and breathe air, but when this terrestrial environment converts into an aquatic one, breathing becomes a challenging activity. So, if you want to be a swimmer who can move swiftly without using too much oxygen, then enhancing the capability of your lungs is very important. Improving control over breathing is an integral attribute for swimming. If you are not born with this ability, you can always work on it. Here are some of the ways in which you can increase the lungs capacity and build your endurance power under water.

Ways Swimmers of Katy can Improve Breathing
  • Make your weekly training more comprehensive with underwater sets. If you are a sprint and middle distance swimmer, this form can help you develop breathing capability only if you practice with integrity. The more you push the distance underwater, the better your lung capacity. This is undoubtedly a mentally and physically challenging activity. Set a limited number of breaths and try to reduce the number as you get better with these workouts.
  • A lung buster set is yet another activity that can help to enhance breathing but is only possible when you are a pro swimmer. For instance, you should practice breathing at every 5th, 7th, or 9th stroke to develop a breathing pattern. In case you are preparing yourself for any competition try to practice breathing control in areas of the race that are typically difficult. If you are confident by now, try to hold your breath and cover 100 meters. Everyone can hold their breath, but if you can take this challenge, your body will develop stamina to take up difficulties while swimming.
  • If you are a beginner and have learned the basics of swimming, then it’s time for you to give attention to your breathing capabilities. Start by choosing a distance of you preference and check your respiratory capability. Pick an interval and count how many breaths you would have to take to cover your desired distance. Now, keep on practicing and try to reduce the time.
  • Snorkeling is another method to gain breath control. However, this is restricted for only those who have mastered the art of swimming and have a strong baseline for lung capacity. All you need to do is cover the top of a snorkel with plastic wrap and poke a hole of desired size. The width of the hole will minimize the air coming in and out, so you have to exercise great control over your breathing system.
  • Another trick is to tie a belt around your waist and attach the other end to a weighted block; complete a certain number of strokes or kicks underwater. This particular technique should be done at a quick pace. The belt creates a resistance that will reduce the oxygen level and challenge your lung capacity at a shorter distance.
  • Other than these water techniques, there are many other ways to enhance lung capacity. All you need to do is relax and meditate by closing eyes. Breathe out slowly and try to release air as much possible and then breathe in. Count the number of times you can carry out the whole process. The more you practice this method, the stronger your lungs will become.
  • You can even workout at higher elevations. It is usually tough to workout at a higher altitude, which basically offers you an opportunity to work on breath control as the oxygen level is low. Be careful to not strain yourself while exercising because it can harm your body.

The maximum amount of oxygen athletes can use is 3.5 liters per minute. If you want to increase this capacity, it is necessary to perform very rigorous exercises. Make sure to space these activities properly. Relax after every strenuous effort you give inside the pool and store energy to make your lungs strong.