What are Some Men’s Health Risks That Should be Avoided?

A men who avoids men’s health risks will not only live longer but also be healthier and happier. Following are some risks that should be avoided as much as possible:

Seeing a Doctor:

What are Some Men's Health Risks That Should be Avoided?Many men do not like to see a doctor. It is hard on a man’s pride to admit that something is wrong with him and he needs medical help. However, men’s health problems can get worse without medical advice and help. A man should see a doctor on a regular basis and should not hesitate to seek medical help if an unusual problem or symptom shows itself.


Smoking is known to cause cancer, heart problems and strokes. Even light or occasional smoking is unsafe. This is one of the top men’s health problems. Men who smoke shorten their life span considerably.

Unhealthy Eating Habits:

Unhealthy eating habits is a men’s health factor. A man who eats too many fatty foods, junk foods and processed foods will be more susceptible to clogged arteries, heart damage and many other ailments. Men who live alone tend to eat too many processed and fast foods, but unhealthy eating habits can be found in married men as well. A man who wants to stay healthy should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods on a regular basis.


Stress is common to all. No one can avoid at least some stress. However, chronic stress and extreme stress can cause health problems such as insomnia and heart problems. A man who is under stress will also have lower immunity to sickness.


Drinking alcohol in moderation will not harm one’s health. However, a man who wants to stay healthy should avoid drinking more than two cups of wine a day. Heavy liquors such as vodka and rum are also hard on a person’s health.

Watch out for the Sun:
Overexposure to the sun can cause numerous health problems. A man who goes out in the hot sun should wear sunscreen and a hat.

Excess Weight:
A man that puts on too much weight is asking for trouble. A man should find out what his ideal weight is and stay at that happy medium. A man that is overweight is more susceptible to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

Depression is a silent killer in many ways. It is a main cause in male suicides. A man who has problems with depression should seek medical help and the help of his loved ones. Some common signs of depression are loss of libido, loss of a desire to eat, sluggishness, lack of energy and irritability.

Ignoring the Doctor:
Many men who do see a doctor ignore his or her advice. This is very dangerous. If medicine has been prescribed for a specific condition, then it should be taken. Ignoring the prescription or not following it in full could cause health complications.