What causes acne?

No one really knows what acne causes are, but there are numerous factors tying into it:

  • Acne is the noticeable result of hormonal changes as well as inflammatory and bacterial interruptions that take place even with the oil pore.
  • As this happens, larger sums of oil are created in the sebaceous glands. The alteration in composition and attribute of the oil is more crucial than the amount of oil produced. The amount created on the inside walls of the follicles get stickier, building up and blocking the pores. These are called blackheads and whiteheads.
  • The bacteria grow and increase in the oil. The sebum behaves as a source of nutrition for the bacteria. The bacteria then let’s go of chemicals in the pore. These chemicals attract white blood cells, leading to inflammation. On the outer layer of skin, this inflammation is recognized at zits or pimples.
  • As these inflamed pores and glands get bigger, the skin around these pores also inflames, leading to larger lumps and maybe even cysts.
  • This inflammation can harm the cells that create collagen. The decrease of collagen production can initiate thinning of skin which is seen as indented scars on the face, shoulders and back.

What factors can initiate acne?

What causes acne?

Acne is caused be the combined effects of male hormones, acne bacteria and the swelling of the oil gland. More factors of acne all happen through the same methods; the raise of oil production, blockage of the pores and initiating inflammation.

Occlusive reasons:

Then the pores on the skin’s surface are blocked, the pores are occluded. Cosmetics, greases, oils and hairsprays can all cause blockages in pores. Humidity and sweat an also cause pores to become occluded as well as helmets, hats and pads worn in sports.


Many hormonal medications can cause acne to form because they increase oil production which in turn causes pore blockage. Anabolic steroids and many birth control pills can cause this blockage. A couple other popular medications that cause acne are lithium and many anti-seizure medications.

Swelling and inflammation:

A few of the most familiar reasons that acne can be aggravated are: Squeezing, popping, picking or cleaning the skin too much. Too much cleaning of the skin, especially with the use of facial scrubs can annoy the skin, worsening inflammation.

Picking, popping and squeezing pimples can also increase inflammation and cause more irritation of the acne oil sac. This can cause leakage of the sac’s contents to immerse deeper into the skin, which can lead to an increase in inflammation. This is why it is important to never pick or pop any zits, just clean them regularly, and wait for them to go away on their own. If it absolutely has to be popped, wash the oils off of the hands and after it is has been popped, be sure to keep from touching the zit with bare hands.