Which Wrinkle Creams Work Best

WHA Throughout the ages facial wrinkles have been a literal sign of the passage of time. Our faces are the part of our bodies most exposed to the environment. It is environmental factors, including sun exposure and pollutants, as well as genetic factors that contribute to the passage of time being exhibited on our faces in the form of facial creases or wrinkles. Social factors, including cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can also contribute to the appearance of facial wrinkles. In addition, as we age the skin’s ability to retain water decreases and the production of the skin strengthening protein collagen diminishes. It is very important that when possible we initiate the use of products specifically formulated for the fight against wrinkles before we see a wrinkle, or at the earliest sign of its appearance.
Wrinkle Creams

The changing face of wrinkle creams

Many experts agree that incorporating a premium quality wrinkle cream is a vital part of any skin care regimen. In the past, products marketed as wrinkle treatments were just glorified moisturizers working only at the surface of the skin. According to Dr. Barrie Finnin, a world-renowned professor of product formulation, recent trends have changed how wrinkle treatments work, thereby impacting what they can do. Now a new technology called “nanotechnology” enables many substances to be formulated in a way in which they are able to penetrate the skin, and instead of just working at the surface level the various substances can penetrate and thereby fundamentally alter the appearance of the skin resulting in more youthful, vibrant skin.

Which wrinkle products should you consider?

It should be understood that there is no such thing as a miracle cream. Not all wrinkle creams can deliver the same effect on the skin. A cream may work well on one person and be less effective on others. Even premium priced wrinkle creams cannot assure great results. Due to the wide variety of wrinkle treatments currently being sold in department stores, drugstores and on the internet, we scrutinized the most currently marketed wrinkle treatments and distilled the most current scientific research in order to assess which wrinkle treatments are most effective. Generally, these products should be evenly applied to clean, thoroughly dry skin at bedtime. Usually a dime size amount of product is sufficient to cover the face and neck. Always be certain to use the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s label, as proper application will provide the best results. And remember if any skin discomfort or irritation occurs use of the product should be discontinued immediately.

The Best Wrinkle Products

#1 Stemuderm
Revitol Anti Aging Cream

#2 Revitol Anti Aging Cream
Revitol Anti Aging Cream

#3 LifeCell

#4 Dermapril-SP

#5 Freeze 24-7
Freeze 24-7

In addition to the use of a wrinkle treatment here are some other suggestions to promote healthy, vibrant skin:
  • Use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 every day.
  • Maintain adequate hydration by drinking plenty of water.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine.
  • Avoid smoking.